My Christmas Wish List | 2014

  • Wednesday, 17 December 2014

1. Anything from the Zoella range - everything looks so cute and lovely.

2. I really need a new perfume and have been lusting over this Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs.

3. I have read so many reviews about Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, I would love to be treated to some of this.

4. I love this PJ set from Next, I think it would be so nice to wake up to these on Christmas morning.

5. Soap and Glory is such a staple and I've actually already bought this set for my boyfriend to give me on Christmas Day!

6. I saw this Lush Snow Fairy gift box ages ago and have been hinting like mad over the last few weeks - fingers crossed!

7. This Keepsakes Red Lip Bag by Mac is such a bargain and such a lovely set.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?


Mini Shopping Haul | Topshop

  • Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I have been dying to try some of Topshop's make up range for so long now, I know I know, I'm terrible for not buying something sooner! I was instantly drawn to their cream blushers and moisturising lipsticks but just never seemed to get around to actually purchasing either. So, when I saw that they had brought out this little duo for Christmas, and at a wonderfully low price of £12, I could resist the urge no longer! There are two different sets to choose from and I opted for the deep purple berry lipstick named Wicked, and the bright peachy coral blusher called Head Over Heels. I am so happy with my purchase, I absolutely love the packaging and know that both of these products will feature heavily in my winter/Christmas make up! I also picked up some cute little bracelets which were on sale for only £2, Topshop always do a great jewellery sale!
Do you like what I bought? Have you picked up any great bargains in Topshop lately? 

Barry M Nail Varnish | Christmas Tree | Review

  • Monday, 24 November 2014

When I went shopping the other week to pick up a few beauty bits I could not resist buying a nail varnish with the name 'Christmas Tree'. Barry M Have brought out a new collection in time for the festive season and I love how it looks! I don't usually go for these types of polishes, the glitter particles usually put me off as I much prefer a block colour with full cover. I thought I would try this one however as I thought it was slightly more subtle.  It is a bright yew tree green with flecks of bright red and gold mixed in with it. I have just one coat on in the picture above so I suppose one or two more would fill in the gaps and have a similar appearance to the bottle. I would quite like to experiment with a different coloured base coat, perhaps a berry red or a pale pink? It has quite a strange texture once dried, I think because it is made up of lots of flakes it can become quite rough so I would recommend a clear top coat to finish it off. Overall however I am very impressed, it was extremely long-wearing and chip resistant so a winner in my books.
What are you thoughts of Barry M's Christmas collection? How will you be wearing festive nails this season?

Rimmel | Matte BB Cream Light | Review

  • Thursday, 20 November 2014

I have been receiving beauty boxes on and off for the last eighteen months or so, and even though the majority of the time I have loved the products that have been inside I have never actually gone out and repurchased any of them. That is, until now. Inside my October Glossybox, which I have written a full post on here, I was given a mini Rimmel London BB Cream in Light. I was really impressed and so I went and a bought a full size one!
When I'm at work I tend to try and wear something quite light on my skin rather than foundation and so I often opt for a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser. I decided to give this a whirl since I had never tried it before and I am so glad I did! It is so light on the skin and I find I hardly need any product to cover my whole face. It provides a great even coverage hiding most blemishes and so I only need to apply a very small amount of concealer to provide a pretty flawless complexion. I used it for about a week and was convinced and so I went to Superdrug and bought a full size one!
Rimmel sells it as a "9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup" claiming that it "Minimises the appearance of pores, mattifies and controls shine all day. Smoothes and soothes skin. Conceals dark circles and helps prevent blemishes." Quite often I like to make my own judgements on products but I really feel like Rimmel have hit the nail on the head with this description. I really find this product so hydrating yet I don't need to re-apply powder half way through the day as shine really is kept at bay. I feel like my skin has actually improved since wearing this every day and my skin feels really flawless even when I'm not wearing it. I have to say I am so impressed and I think this will be a staple skin product for me for quite a while.
What are your thoughts of Rimmel's Matte BB Cream? What do you use as an everyday base?

Sleek MakeUp | Bronze Block | Review

  • Thursday, 13 November 2014

Sleek MakeUp | Bronze Block - Light | £7.49 | Link
I've been wanting to try a Sleek product for quite some time now, I can't believe it has taken me this long to actually buy something! I usually use Hoola by Benefit as an everyday bronzer, but since I no longer work for them ( and therefore no longer have staff discount ) I thought I would venture out and purchase one I haven't yet tried since I need a new one. I was um-ing and ahhh-ing for a long time whilst I was in Superdrug last week and opted for the Sleek Bronze Block.
What I was initially drawn to was the fact that it has a matte finish. Most other bronzing products I have used have had some sort of shimmer or shine which is why I really got on with Hoola as it is completely matte and provides a much more natural finish. I also really liked the fact that each of the shades within the pallet would look great swirled together or applied separately and so it could double up as a contouring pallet.
There are two different shades to choose from, light or dark. I opted for the light shade, with winter around the corner I thought that this shade would suit my slightly paler skin tone. I'm really impressed with the wear and stay-power of this product and at a third of the price as my usual bronzer I think I will definitely be repurchasing. I also really love the packaging, it is all very 'sleek' and simple with black casing and a compact-style mirror. I can't wait to try more Sleek products soon!
What do you think about Sleek's Light Bronzing Pallet? What other Sleek products do you love?

Centre Parcs Look Book | November 2014

  • Tuesday, 11 November 2014

This week I took a well deserved break and went to Centre Parcs with the family. I have been working so much over the past few months and it was lovely to have something fun and exciting to look forward to. I have been to Centre Parcs a few times now and always have such a wonderful break while I'm there. For those of you who don't know Centre Parcs is basically a holiday complex in five different locations around the UK. We went to Whinfell Forest which is very close to the Lake District. What I love about Centre Parcs is that they revolve around nature and preserving the natural world. So every guest stays in a wooden cabin within the forest and so nature is right on your door step, literally! The only mode of transport is to either walk or bike as cars are only permitted when loading or unpacking luggage and you can either stay Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday. In amongst the cabins is the Village Centre which plays host to a few restaurants, shops and the swimming pool. There is also a Sports Centre in which you can sign up for a huge range of indoor and outdoor sports and nature activities which support the needs and interests of everyone!
I had a wonderful time away just going for walks, venturing over to the pool and eating loads of nice food! Me and my mum had a day pass to the Aqua Sana, the on-site spa, which gave access to about ten different pool, sauna and steam rooms. On the Wednesday there was a fantastic fireworks display to celebrate Bonfire Night and a pub quiz, which was so hard! We also had a couple of games of short tennis and badminton as well as a round of mini golf. The target archery was probably my favourite activity ( after the spa of course ) and I whooped my dad, brother and James - girl power! So really this post was just to show you what I've been up to this last week and to let you have a nosey through some of my holiday photos.

The first night, settling in with a glass of bubbles to get the week started.

The view from my bedroom window, it was so lovely being so close to nature with no roads or noise.

A log fire every night, it was so cosy.

There was a little bird hide hut with observation windows so that you could watch the birds eating.

Starbucks brought out their red cups while I was there so I had my first one of the season.

 The Christmas festivities were being put up and although it was for kids I couldn't resist!

Went through the cutest little winter walkway.

Sign post to Santa's grotto, the post room ect.

A reindeer, they are so small in real life!

A little Narnia Lamp Post.

They had these wonderful lit reindeer all over the place.

And all of the walkways were lit up, it was so pretty.

I didn't quite understand the Christmas link but these toadstool were so cute!

This is just a little picture from across the lake of the Village Centre and the swimming pool.
It was so nice to have a break at this time of year after the excitement of summer but before the busy build up to Christmas. It was also really lovely going away with my parents and brother because since I've moved out I don't get to see them as half as much as I used to.
Have you been away to Centre Parcs before? Are you taking any winter Breaks?

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Halloween Outfit and Make Up | Sally

  • Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I know that Halloween has been and gone but I thought I would write a post about what I dressed up as, both to provide inspiration for future dress-up ideas and to let you have a little nosey into my Halloween this year. I am a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas which is a wonderful Christmas film, one that I watch multiple times during the build up to our festive season. It is about the Halloween Pumpkin King Jack, who grows tired of his routine and decides that he and his fellow Halloween ers' will take over Christmas. I opted to go as Sally, Jack's love interest, a mad scientist's creation who is completely patch-worked. Initially I was going to buy an outfit, I saw one for sale in Wilkinson's for £30, which I thought was a bit pricy so I decided to make my own.

What I Used:
Two meters of beige fabric, Half a meter of dusty pink and half a meter of teal fabric - All from Boyes totalling £8.45
10 pack of assorted permanent markers - Pound World £1
Sewing machine - Which I already had
Stripy Socks - Borrowed from a friend
Black Ankle Boots - Sainsbury's £25 which I already had
Black Liquid Liner - Unbranded from Savers £1
Red Lipstick - Unbranded from Savers £1

I bought two meters of beige material to act as the main bulk of my dress, and then half a meter of the teal and dusty pink. Sally's dress shape is pretty simple so I used one of my baggy strappy tops as a template and just extended it down. Then I went online and found some great full length pictures to copy the pattern of the different patchwork pieces. Once it was all cut to shape, pinned and then sewn on, I used  the different coloured permanent markers to draw on the fabric's patterns. This saved me so much time rather than sewing and applique-ing each different piece of material she has on her original dress. 


After trying it on and making sure it fit, I sewed up the two edges of the dress. I then went on to make little caped sleeves and cut out triangles of the bottom of the dress to give it a raggy trim. I teemed up the dress with a pair of little black ankle boots and some blue and black stripy socks. ( her socks are actually black and white but I didn't have any of those )

Once the dress was made all I had to focus on was the make up. I decided to do pretty natural make up which focused  on my eyes to make them darker and to stand out. I then used a very cheap liquid liner ( that actually worked unbelievably well ) to draw Sally's stiches. I referred back to my online pictures and drew the scars on my forehead, cheekbone, smile, neck, arms and legs, finishing off with a bright red lip, ( again another very cheap purchase with another very good result! ) I then just straightened my hair and gave myself a centre parting.

The boy ended up going as Jack the Pumpkin King when he decides to be Santa so he wore a Santa outfit teamed up with black and white face paint and his own little pot of liquid liner to create his smile and the cracks in his hands.
We stayed at a friend's house and had a great night out in with lots of drinking and lots of crazy Halloween outfits!

What do you think of my homemade Sally costume? What did you do this Halloween?

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Benefit Make Up Brushes | Complete Set

  • Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Concealer Brush | £18.50 | Link

Hard Angle/Definer Brush | £16.50 | Link

Blush/Powder Brush | £23.50 | Link

Foundation Brush | £20.50 | Link

Cream Shadow Brush | £18.50 | Link


When I said goodbye to all of my work friends at Boots a few weeks ago, they sent me packing with a huge box of goodies  which included a make up brush set, by Benefit no less! I've been saving them, not only to write a bog post all about them but also because I'm quite happy with the brushes I am currently using. However, I think it is now time to take the plunge and start using my new set and leave my other ones as back up brushes.

I was given six brushes in total, one for powder, foundation, a hard angle brush for brows, a concealer brush and two for eye shadow. I only ever used to use brushes for eye shadow but for Christmas, a year before the one just gone, I was given a No.7 foundation brush which changed the way I applied make up forever! Since using one I could never go back as my foundation has a much more flawless finish, I end up using a lot less product and it is applied very evenly over my skin. Now I use a brush for pretty much everything I apply on my face, which is great because I only ever use as much of each product that I need to and don't have to run to the bathroom every two seconds to wash my hands!
These brushes are very high in quality, although I would expect nothing less from Benefit. They are extremely soft to touch with lovely long handles which is great because I find make up much easier to apply as there is a more secure hold on the brush. The eyeshadow brushes and hard angle brush are a perfect size to apply make up with great precision and the concealer brush has a wide spread fan to easily blend concealer and primers. I would usually prefer a larger powder brush to I will most likely use this one for bronzer and blusher as it is better designed for a more precise application. Overall I'm so so happy with my new brushes and think that they will really enhance my make up application.

What make up brushes do you use? Can you recommend any brands to use other than Benefit?
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Body and Beauty Holiday Prep | Lanzarote 2014

  • Monday, 25 August 2014

If you follow me on Twitter then you'll probably know that I'm going on holiday for a week at the beginning of September. Me and the boy have booked an all-inclusive trip to Lanzarote which will be lovely and relaxing I'm sure. With us only booking it a few weeks in advance I've decided to go on a mini health and beauty kick in order to get my body primed and prepped for our summer holiday. I thought I would share the few simple changes I have made and will continue with until we jet off.
Cutting out the rubbish food - This is an obvious one I'm sure, but I've basically been trying to cut out crisps, sweets, chocolate and eat more smoothies/fruit/veg instead of snacking. This is not only to see if I can loose a few pounds but also to decrease a bloated belly, so that it is bikini worthy, and to clear my skin of impurities as I tend to hardly wear any make up while I'm on a sunny holiday by the pool.

Exercise - I've been heading over to the gym a lot more, again to help shift those few extra pounds I'm not comfortable carrying around in skimpy summer gear. I've been doing a fair amount of toning exercises with a lot of sit ups, and have been walking more on the treadmill with a combination of varying speeds and inclines.

Cut out the caffeine - It is a well known fact that caffeine decreases metabolism which is counter-productive since I'm trying to eat better and exercise a lot more. So I have cut down on the milky lattes and cups of tea and instead having been opting more for peppermint and green teas. Not only will this cut down on the extra calories but it will also promote good skin and encourage a better sleeping pattern which will also help with increasing metabolism and improving my skin.

Palmers Firming Butter and Dove Gradual Tan - As well as getting my body healthy for me jollys, I also want to head off with a healthy looking glow. I hate the feeling of being extra pasty when I first go away so I'll be slapping on the gradual tan a few days leading up to the flight. Although, to be honest, with this recent lovely weather we've been having, I've been popping on the fake tan the last few weeks anyway, so I'll most likely just be maintaining the sun-kissed colour I've been rocking lately.

Hair Care - My hair is pretty damaged anyway (due to a bleaching phase I went through a few years back, and because of the length, most of it still hasn't recovered!) so having it sun-exposed for a week will do it no favours. So, I'm having a friend to cut it before I jet off and from now until I go away I will use conditioning treatments and oils to make sure it is fully moisturised in order to decrease sun damage.
So there you have it, a few holiday preparation bits and bobs that I will be doing on the build up to my holiday to get me summer ready. Would love to know if you have any tips or ticks that you have to get you ready for your holidays, get in touch if you do!
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Protest | Summer Style | Outfit Review

  • Friday, 22 August 2014

Evidence Beach Short* | Rainforest | Link | $24.99  $17.49

Teeton Singlet* | Basic | Link | $24.99  $12.49




A couple of weeks ago I was approached by the clothing brand Protest (a link to their website here) who asked if I would be interested in seeing their latest collection. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and they sent me over their online catalogue. They have a suffer/beach wear style to their products with lots of shorts, vests, bikinis and sandals as well as sarongs and dresses. It is all very boho yet colourful. Think The White Stuff meets Animal.
I was so excited to then be told that they would send me over some samples to have a look at and I was so lucky to receive a gorgeous pair of green beach shorts and a funky vest top which will be perfect for me to take away on holiday at the beginning of September. The clothes are really well made and the sizing is spot on. The shorts fit really nicely and are made with 100% polyester so will be really lovely to wear by the pool or at the beach because they will dry really quickly in the sunshine. They are the colour 'Rainforest' which is a very bright green but because of its dull, matt-type finish it is not too over powering and is just a really nice summer shade. They are extremely light-weight and have a small pocket on the right hand side. They also have  lovely appliqued swirly pattern on the left hand side, just at the top of the thigh which has been made using thread that is the same shade as the shorts, which adds a subtle but cute detail.
The vest is again, a really nice addition to my summer wardrobe. It is from their basic range and is 100% cotton. This again will be really light-weight to wear whilst away on holiday and because it is white, will go with most of my summer holiday collection. I love the fact that it is a vest but that the straps are still thin. Sometimes, I find, that the straps on vests can be too thick and don't really suit my frame and end up making me look too boxy. This vest top however is very flattering. There is a quirky, pop art-like image on the front of the vest. Usually I don't tend to go for clothing with pictures or images on them, mainly because it becomes distorted due to my bust, but because the image on this vest is more like a panel down the centre it is much more flattering than other items I have worn.
Over all, I can't thank Protest enough for opening my eyes to a new brand, which I absolutely love, and for giving me the opportunity to try some of the clothes for myself and to let my lovely readers have a nosey too!
Have you bought any thing from Protest before? What do you think of my new shorts and vest?
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