Agent Zero Shine

As a BeneBabe I was very fortunate to receive one of the latest additions to the Benefit make up range to try out for myself. I am already a huge fan of the Porefessional primer, having used it in my day to day makeup regime for over a year now, and was therefore naturally intrigued on hearing about its new sister product.


I would consider myself to have a combination skin type, with fairly normal to dry cheeks and a normal to oily T-Zone. Preferring a dewy effect from my makeup can sometimes mean that as the day goes on I need to pop on a spot of powder in an effort to prevent looking overly shinny. Agent Zero Shine is a product designed not to add extra coverage to your already maked-up face, but to purely take away the shine and minimise pores. On paper this looks like the ideal product for me to use as a topper-upper when I feel my face in need of a bit of matte.

So, does it actually work?

In my opinion, yes! I love this lovely little addition to my beauty bag, it does exactly what it says on the tin and because it comes with its own little tray and brush, it is perfect to carry around and can be on hand when I'm out and about and need that extra boost. I really would recommend this product to anyone who hates an oily T-Zone and also to those who already love Porefessional as it is a literal powder form of this pore eraser.


It is £24.50 which is the same price as the Porefessional, perhaps a little pricy for a powder some may think, but at a competitive price to Benefits Hello Flawless powder range to me it's worth the money.

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