I won't lie, when my account magager at Benefit told me we would be launching a new cheek and lip stain that was purple, I definitely pulled a disapproving look. My initial thought was, how on earth are we going to sell this bad boy! However, when I got to work on Sunday and saw all of the little purple boxes sat on the counter, waiting to be put on the shelf, I did become a little intrigued. ..


As with all beauty products, packaging and how it looks is a big factor in which to determain whether or not you will give enough attention to give it a try, and Benefit is no exception. They've hit the nail on the head with this one I feel, with the pinky purple box and the italic style of writing it is very appealing to the eye and doesn't make you think, there is no way I am putting purple make up on my cheeks! Loli-Tint is part of the same family as Cha-Cha and Posie-Tint and there is nothing I like more than a collection so when I took it out of it's little box I knew I was slowly falling love

The product itself

As soon as I tried it I knew it was right up my street. It is a very subtle purple with a rather pinkish hue and therefore is not too overpowering. I have very dark hair with fairly pale skin, often opting for neutral eyes and cheeks and so as a lip stain Loli-Tint went on like a dream. I am a big fan of Benfit's cheek and Lipstains as I find they last a lot longer than regular lipsticks or lipgloss both on my lips and the product itself. If I feel I need a bit of extra moisture, as they can sometimes become slightly dry, a top coat of Vaseline does the trick.

I really would recommend this latest launch to any Benefit lover, especially if you're already a fan of the other cheek and Lipstains that are up for grabs. If you're feeling slightly doubtful  about the colour, then pop into your nearest Benefit Counter and ask to have a try as I know £24.50 is a bit on the pricy side if you're not 100%. 

Loli-Tint - £24.50

What are your thoughts on Benefit's Cheek and Lipstains?

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