Monday, 31 March 2014

Benefit's Big Easy

So if you're a Benefit lover like me, then I'm sure that you're well aware of their latest launch of the Big Easy. This weekend was when this product officially hit shop floors all over the UK and if you haven't already, then I strongly suggest you get yourselves down to your nearest Benefit counter to have a try!

The Big Easy is bigger than a standard BB cream as it can be used as a foundation. Many other makes of BB creams suggest that you moisturise, prime, apply BB cream and then put your foundation on, as well as your blusher, powder, highlighter ect ect. To be perfectly honest though, I can't be bothered to put that much product on my face, not every day any way! This is why I love this new BB cream, it is so much less faff. I have had it for about a week now and have been moisturising, popping on a dab of primer and then just applied Benefit's Big Easy.

It is extremely light-weight and gives a great even tone to my skin. The coverage isn't as heavy as a Foundation so I have still had to apply concealer to problem areas but apart from that it gives a really nice natural finish. It is also a cream to powder finish so even though I do tend to suffer from a slightly oily T-Zone, I haven't had to apply any powder on to this product.

Because it is a BB cream which is ultimately designed to give a great, even complexion, I find that my face lacks definition as it becomes all one colour. But as it has been creeping into spring the last week I decided to dig out my bronzing pearls, which works great with Big Easy and gives my face the desired amount of warmth and colour.

Have you tried Benefit's Big Easy?  What are your thoughts of this product?

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