Monday, 17 March 2014

Benefit's High Beam vs Sun Beam

If you're a fan of Benefit cosmetics I'm sure you'll be more than aware of their highlighting products High Beam and Sun Beam. I've used High Beam for a good couple of years now, and as I was slowly stating to run out I wondered if it was maybe time for a change and that I should probably give Sun Beam a try. When it finally got to pay day I still couldn't decide so I ended up buying both, ooops! So I thought it might be interesting to write a blog post which focused on the pros and cons of both products for those who may have experienced the same dilemma as me, or for those who fancy trying either one.

Both High Beam and Sun Bean are a shimmery liquid which is applied with a nail varnish-type brush, which is really lightweight and easy to apply and blend. I have always applied High Beam around my temples, lightly tapping it down on to my cheek bone and up on to my brow bone. I feel that in these places it works really well at capturing the light and really highlighting that particular area. Like I've said, I've been using it for years and love the effect it gives so I couldn't bear to not buy another.

When I bought Sun Beam I thought it was to be used in the same places as High Beam and that it was designed to give the same effect as High Beam but that Benefit wanted to offer an alternative colour choice. However, when I recently went to a Benefit Training Party ( which I've already done a post about, see below ) I got shown a brilliant technique of applying Sun Beam that blew me away! So, once you've moisturised your face, if you dab Sun Beam all over and blend with a foundation brush, and then apply your foundation, it gives a lovely sun-kissed effect that isn't too shimmery but provides you with a healthy glow. I have to say, this technique is great and as soon as the weather starts to get a bit better I will definitely be using this method of Sun Beam application. It does work really well in the same areas that I usually apply High Beam though so I will probably be using a mixture of the two products until summer time.



What are your thoughts of Sun Beam and High Beam? Or do you prefer other highlighting products?
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