February Favourites

Happy Tuesday!

So I thought I should maybe do a post on my February favourites since everyone else seems to be doing one. I actually found it kind of tough to narrow down my beauty collection to just a select few products, it's worrying how many I use on a day to day basis! I decided that I'd stick to a skincare-type of theme and then potentially do a make-up post for my "March Favourites". I have always wanted to find a brand which supplies everything I need that is all completely compatible with my skin type because I am slightly anal about everything being in order and looking nice. I just think it would be so lovely for everything to match and look pretty in my cabinet and draws that I keep all of my products in. I know I sound a little OCD but I would love for that to happen. Maybe one day I'll have to create my own beauty line to achieve this, but until then I'll have to use the products that work well with my skin, even if they do clash and look messy! Anyway, after much deliberation I thought, what are the key things that I have to use every day and which ones would I miss the most if all of my beauty stash was taken away from me? I decided on these seven products...

One of the best products I've been using of late is the No.7 Soft and Soothed Gentle Cleanser and Toner. I recently bought these with those vouchers they've been handing out at Boots with the £3 off No.7 make up and £5 off No.7 skincare. These vouchers combined with my staff discount meant that instead of £8 each they were only £1.20 or something! I prefer using a cleanser and toner as apposed to skin wipes, I feel like they take off my make up a lot easier and my skin always feels really clean afterwards, like it can actually breathe.
I really love Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and have been using it daily for about two years now. It's ultra lightweight and oil free, which is great for my skin as I'm prone to breakouts and so this product moisturises but doesn't clog the skin. It's also got the added bonus of SPF 15, I'm all for a little extra sun protection!
The Boots Witch Hazel Spot Wand is a recent discovery and added extra to my daily routine. It has two ends, one for day and one for night, each with an application wand that isn't too dissimilar to that of a lipgloss. I usually tend to apply my moisturiser (day or night) first and then apply the spot wand directly onto the problem areas. The thing I like most about this product is that it feels more hygienic and less irritating for my spots because I'm now not applying a spot cream with my fingers. I just think that the less you touch spots the better it must be for them? 
This Hand Maid antibacterial gel from Soap and Glory is one of my most favourite products this year! I've always got a little bottle of antibacterial gel in my bag anyway, just because I hate it when you're out and about and there is no where to wash your hands. I'm also a massive fan of Soap and Glory products so this was always going to be a win win situation for me! It smells amazing (as all of their products do) with a lovely odour of pink grapefruit so your hands really do feel and smell wonderful!
I've been using Aussi haircare for a couple of months now because I finally decided to fork out and buy some decent shampoo and conditioner. I have to say I LOVE the smell of this product and it really does make my hair feel silky soft and nourished.
The last of my February favourites is another hit from Soap and Glory and that is their Pulp Friction. This is a great exfoliator because unlike a lot of other exfoliating products, this one spreads amazingly well all over your body and retains its micro-fiber beads to really allow you to exfoliate to the full. I tend to use this once or twice a week usually on an evening when I intend to apply fake tan :)

Have you tried any of my February Favourites? What were your top picks this month?

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