Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Benefit's Gimme Brow

Gimme brow is the latest edition to Benefit's famous brow product collection, and I have to say, I think it may be my most favourite yet! It comes in two shades, light/medium and medium/dark. The key, point of difference of this mascara for your eye brows is that it contains mirco-fibers. The product clings to your eyebrow hairs depositing mirco-fibers, which then in turn clings to the mirco-fibers previously deposited which is how Gimme Brow creates the illusion of longer and more defined brow hairs. I hope that makes sense? So basically it sticks not only to your hairs but also to itself which is how it gives a longer looking impression. What I think is great about it is that it really tidies up your hairs. No plucking is involved but eyebrows look instantly neater and combed into shape.

This shade is light/medium.

The tiny brush allows for a very precise and accurate application which is very hard to get wrong. I think that this is a great product for those who are either new to brow products or would prefer a natural finish. I'm not a huge fan of brow products, just because I have very dark and quite thick eyebrows naturally so usually the only sort of maintenance i do is plucking stray hairs. However, after using this product I have been convinced that eyebrows can always be improved, even if it is to just quickly tidy them up slightly. It's so unbelievably quick and easy to use, two thumbs up from me :)

What are your thoughts of Gimme Brow?

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