Thursday, 3 April 2014

Primark Haul

I went to London last weekend to stay with two of my friends from Uni and I couldn't resist a trip to Primark, because we don't have one in York, so thought I would do a little blog post about what bargains I found!

I'm moving out of my parents house in a couple of weeks and me and the boy will be renting a house together!!! I'm so so so excited to be getting my space and independence back because after being at university for three years and then having to move back home, it is so frustrating. So anyway, I thought I would treat myself and have a look through the home section of the store. Only I have to say I was slightly disappointed. We did end up going to the smaller of the two Primark's down Oxford street, but I have seen much better collections in their home department before now! I did pick up these two little cuties though which I think will look great in our new little home. The throw was only £5 and I went for a neutral colour as we haven't yet decided on a colour scheme for the living room. I bought the love heart fairy lights to go around the headboard in our bedroom because I thought it would make it look a bit more cosy. 

I love that you can get all of the basics from Primark at such low prices! I needed some new black socks, boring I know, which were only £2 for five pairs!! I also bought a 50 pack of hair grips for just £1, which is great because I always seem to be buying these. I don't know how but i manage to loose all of my hair grips in the first week and use the same two grips for about 3 months before I eventually go out and buy anther packet. Where do they go?! I also bought a pair of stand black leggings for £3, just to wear about the house.

I seem to never be able to go to Primark without leaving with some form of PJs! This cute little set was only £5, and I had bought a Christmasy one in November so I thought I was due a Spring-time update! I also bought a really nice pair of jeans, just £7, which are a really light blue, another Spring-time addition to my wardrobe:)

Have you been to Primark lately? What bargains did you pick up?

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