Monday, 5 May 2014

Cheap Alternative to Urban Decay's Naked 3

Ever since I saw Urban Decay's Naked Pallet 3 I have been dying to buy one. I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money at a time when I am supposed to be saving my pennies and so I keep putting it off. However, last week sometime I stumbled upon a blog post all about a cheap alternative to Naked Pallets and I couldn't resist having a read. The post directed me to this website which I would highly recommend taking a look at!

I had never heard of Revolution before but I have come to find out that it is one of the newest makeup brands which have great quality products at very affordable prices. It is also supposed to be getting a concessions stand in Superdrug in the near future...

So anyway, about the products. I went a bit mad and bought four lipsticks and two lip glosses, as well as the Iconic 3 eyeshadow pallet, which was the whole reason I had gone on to the website in the first place! Other blog posts will be coming soon about my bargain lip purchases, for now I shall go into more detail about the eyeshadow.

There are 12 different shades within the Iconic 3 pallet, 9 of which contain shimmer with the remaining 3 being matt. The colour range, which I hope you can tell from the pictures, is fairly wide which provides a varied range across the neutral spectrum. I love this pallet as all of the colours are very me, I can never have too many pinky brown shades! I also think that it is a fantastic, cheaper alternative to the Naked collection. As with a lot of cheaper make up brands, the quality isn't going to be the highest of standards, but the shades are great, they last perfectly fine and I really think that the cost out weighs any of the quality negatives.

What do you think to my cheaper alternative? Have you used Revolution before?
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