My 2014 Summer Bucket List

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This is a post quite different from what I usually blog about as most of my previous posts are about beauty products or shopping hauls. I read emtalks on a regular basis and I saw a post she had written a few weeks ago which was her Summer Bucket List. I thought it was a really good idea so decided to write one as well.
I graduated from Uni last May and so this will be my second summer that I will be working a full time job. Last year I didn't mind too much because I was very focused on earning as much money as I could to pay off my overdraft and go on lots of shopping trips. This year however I want to make lots of plans to really enjoy the most of the British summer time. So, here is my 2014 Summer Bucket List:
Go on a Summer Holiday
I really wanted to go away before the kids break up for the summer holidays at the end of June but because of work commitments it looks like me and the boy will have to go away in September instead. I'm not too bothered about that though because the weather is still lovely at that time of year. I've never been on an All Inclusive holiday so I think we'll try to book a cheap last-min deal and go to Greece.
Go to the Lake District Camping
I love camping (when the weather is nice!) but I haven't been for ages! The Lake District is a lovely area of England because of all of it's beautiful scenery and real escapism. I used to go a lot with my family when I was younger, and now that I'm getting a bit older I'd love to revisit with a different perspective. I've looked into staying in little wooded pods, kind of cheating I know, but then if it is raining, at least it wont spoil the weekend away!
Visit more National Trust sites
I work for the National Trust in  property called The Treasurer's House, in York. Because of this I have free membership for myself and one other, to all National Trust Properties. There are so many beautiful houses, coast lines and landscapes owned by the National Trust worldwide, not just in Britain and so it would seem silly to not go and visit a few whilst I have my free membership.
Get a Summer Ready Body
I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that I'll loose two stone and have a Victoria Secret style body by the time September rolls around, but I really want to start eating better, cut out the rubbish from my diet and head to the gym a bit more. I just want to feel more confident in my body and tone up a bit more.

Use my Sewing Machine
I absolutely love being creative and doing all things crafty and a few years ago I got a lovely sewing machine from my parents for my birthday. I loved textiles at school and now that I have my own home I would love to dig up all of my sewing skills and get crafty with fabric around the house. I would also love to make more presents for people using my sewing machine as I always used too but found that I didn't plan it well enough and would run out of time.
Do a Carboot
I would spend every Sunday morning at a Carboot if I could, I don't know what it is but I love them! I'm quite a nosey person I guess and I love looking at people's belongings and thinking "how did they come to have that" or "why are hey getting rid of that". As I have mentioned, I have recently moved out with my boy friend and so I'm sure you can imagine we've had to have a big clear-out so to make a little extra money as well as having a fun morning out, I think it would be a great idea to do a carboot sometime soon.
So, there is my 2014 Summer Bucket List, I hope you liked this slightly different post, would love to hear your thoughts :)
Have you got a Summer Bucket list? What would you have on yours?

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