Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Cath Kidston Home Ideas Journal

You might already know, if you have read my blog before or follow me on Twitter and Instagram, that I have recently packed my bags, said goodbye to the house I grew up in, taken a leap of faith and moved in my with my boyfriend. We have been in our little terrace about two and a half months now, and although we are still getting used to running a house hold, it is lovely to have our own space that we can decide what to do with. Which leads me nicely onto todays post: Cath Kidston Home Ideas Journal, A Style Sourcebook and Ideas Organiser.
My mum bought me this as a moving in present and I feel awful that I haven't got round to using it yet! However, it has been difficult to think about decorating when we've still had boxes and bags scattered everywhere whilst we try to find a place for everything. So, as I've said, we're nearly three months in now and so I thought it was about time to get me ol' creative hat on and start actually planning how I want my new home to be decorated. 
I've left it blank for the purpose of this post so that you could have a proper look at the layout and structure of the Journal without being distracted my all of my scribbles. I'll just start off by saying that I love Cath Kidston, I think all of the designs are so wonderful and I can't get enough of her products! I actually went out last week and added an A4 notebook and big coffee mug to my collection, I'm obsessed I tell you!

The first section of this Journal is a little introduction from Ms Kidston explaining why she wanted to create the Home Ideas Journal which is followed by hits and tips for each individual room. It also provides ideas to help the layout of a room, cost considerations and a list of things to do. This section is really worth a read, especially, if like me, this is your first home, or your first time decorating, as it has really given me food for thought.

The main bulk of the Journal is made up of eight room planners. Each of these 'room planners' starts with a room label insert on a pocket in which you can keep wallpaper or curtain samples ect. This is followed by a Room Audit  that allows you to write Good/Bad points about each particular room, your Aims/Ambitions and Essential Improvements. There is also space for you to draw or stick in any pictures you may have to act as inspiration for each room or you could use it for colour swabs if you were thinking of painting. There is then a handy To Do list ( I love writing a big to do lists! ) which is broken down for you into different sub-headings. The final page for each of these sections is titled Measurements, which is again broken down for you so that you won't forget, or leave anything out.

After the eight room guides there is a little note section and some stickers to help you label each section throughout your Journal. I think this is such a lovely little house warming present ( thanks mum! ) especially for someone who is moving into their first home. I think it would even be good if you haven't yet moved out but just fancied a re-vamp of your bedroom because it really has got some good hints and tips in there for home improvement. I think you can tell that Cath Kidston has really put a lot of thought into this Home Ideas Journal as it really does cover everything to help you out in organising your ideas for your home.
On that note, I shall stop rambling, I'm sure you can tell by now that I think this is a really great product! Please let me know if you go out and buy one, or if you know of any other Home Journals!
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