Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Holiday Reads

I've been reading quite a few blogs this week of people that have written a 'Summer Reading List' or 'Holiday Book Must-Haves', so I thought I would jump on the band waggon and write my own book list of novels I would like to read this summer.
I'm afraid I don't have many pictures to take as I have succumbed to being a kindle user!! I have to say, it doesn't at all feel the same reading a book on a Kindle, I've very much a 'Book-lover' who likes to feel the book and physically turn the pages rather than just a button basher. However, when I started university I decided that I needed a Kindle in my life, it was bad enough carting library books here, there and everywhere, never mind my own down-time reading books. So now, if I buy books they are usually in Kindle form, not only are they much cheaper, but I've always got access, wherever I am to just start reading any of my books. I also use the local library a lot and have recently joined a Book Club, so that is how I access most of my physical copies.
I love reading at the best of time, I think it's great to delve into a really good book and just get lost in a different world for a while. So when I go on holiday I love that I can read to my hearts content and that it becomes socially acceptable to do nothing but read for a full day. I really enjoy three main genres of books; fantasy, historical novels and crime/thriller. I am fully aware that this range of books couldn't be more different from one another but I think the thing that draws me to each of these genres is the sense of escapism, which is what I think makes a good book. If it can take me away to distant places or make me fully absorbed in a juicy plot and make me forget that I'm actually just sat on my bed reading, then that's a job done in my eyes.
Anyway, enough rambling, here are a few of my holiday reads which have provide me with a real sense of escapism.
The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins
This was my holiday read when I went to Ibiza with the boy, the summer before last, and I think it might be a re-read when we head off on our jollies in September. If you don't already know the story, in which case you must have been living under a rock, it is set in the future and is about a world trying to survive after a huge war. It has been divided into 13 Districts each of which have a trade, be it cloth making or crop-growing which provide for their rulers who live in the Capital. The people of the Districts live as though they are from medieval times whilst those who live in the Capital have the greatest of technologies and want for nothing. As way of punishment and a remembrance of the great war, each year the Hunger Games are held in which a boy and girl from each District are forced to fight each other to the death, the winner being able to live the rest of their life in the Capital as a reward. The trilogy is based around one girl's fight against the Capital and this way of living. Each book is a brilliant read which I can recommend to any holiday-goer as you really will not be able to put this down!
Philippa Gregory - All
If fantasy isn't really your thing then I can highly recommend any of the Philippa Gregory historical novels. Gregory's books are brilliant at sucking you in and keeping you entertained for hours. Most of her novels are written in first person and manage to tell great events of the past without making it a history book but an enjoyable story. You can tell she works very hard on her research as all of her books are historically accurate and based whole heartedly on truth. I can strongly recommend The Tudor Court Series which is all about the six wives of Henry VIII which is all written from their point of view. 
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy - Stieg Larsson
So this trilogy fits into my Crime/Thriller genre which provided me with an amazing amount of escapism, I couldn't believe how fast I read these books! I'm sure most have you have watched the re-make of the film with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mana, which I have to say, was very true to the book. But in case you don't know the story it is about a man who has escaped daily life to do some soul searching and has been asked to resolve a long forgotten murder by a dying man. There is a parallel story line about a socially awkward woman who is a complete computer wiz and their paths cross in an effort to work out who murdered the young girl years before. In uncovering the truth the pair face many obstacles, and there is a growing relationship between the two characters which is a complication in itself. I won't give anymore away, but trust me when I say this is a brilliant read!
I realise that I've provided lots of series and not any one off books, but I think when you're away on holiday it is nicer to read a set of books which you can then associate with that trip away.
Have you read any of these books? What books will you be taking away on holiday?
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