Monday, 14 July 2014

The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter

I love The Body Shop! Not only are the products really good and smell amazing, I think it's great that they are so against animal testing and that they have a really good ethos for a beauty brand. My most recent purchase from The Body Shop was their Papaya Body Butter. This tub is 200ml of pure heaven, I'm not even joking, I want to eat this stuff it smells so good! I've been using it for the past week or so, applying it to my arms and chest each time I've gotten out of the shower. I love body butters as I find that my skin can become quite dehydrated and dull and this particular on has a 24hour hydration time which is great for me.
It is very rich so I find I only need a small amount which soaks into the skin really quickly. I love the fact that I don't feel sticky throughout the day but I still feel nicely hydrated, even the morning after the morning before! The smell is so good, when I was choosing which one to buy, me and the boy were opening them all up trying to decide which was the best one, we were in there for ages! I finally chose Papaya and what I think is great is that it isn't a processed scen, it actually smells like they've just squeezed fresh papaya into the tub.
Overall I can't rave about this product anymore. They are on offer at the moment, £5 a tub rather than £13 which is such a bargain so if you haven't already tried one head on over to your nearest Body Shop and buy one!

What are your thoughts on The Body Shop Body Butters? Which is your favourite Scent?
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