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I'm heading over to the York Races on Saturday. I have been a couple of times, living in York means it is almost impossible not to get involved in all the hype, and this year I'll be going with one of my best friends from University with both of our boyfriends. So in true blogger style I thought I should do a blog post to show you not only what I will be wearing but also what make up I will be using and how I intend to style my hair on the day. Without further a do I will jump straight into my York races Outfit Post.

I have always worn dresses in the past to the Races but this year I thought I would shake things up a bit and go for a skort with matching blazer. My original plan had been to buy a pair of tailored shorts and a matching jacket, but when I stumbled across this set I fell in love. The sheer girliness of this combo is the first thing that struck me, I was really drawn to the Cath Kidston-style of pattern which I think makes it such a summery piece. It was actually really lucky I found my skort/blazer because I went in every clothes shop I could find when I went shopping in Harrogate last week, and couldn't see anything that was suitable! After what felt like hours I happened to come across a department store that was closing down. Within the store there was the clothing range by Quiz, a brand I had never heard of personally, but after only being there a few minutes I discovered my prize! I was initially slightly worried that it wouldn't be dressy enough for the races because it is made of cotton as apposed to a slightly more expensive-looking fabric. However, after much debate with the boy, I came to the conclusion that with the right accessories, hair-style and makeup, it would probably be ok.

I've decided to team my outfit up with a pair of Marks and Spencer's court shoes. I bought these about two years ago now and they are one of my best buys, talk about a staple piece of my wardrobe! I love the nude-ness of these shoes, but that they're also quite pink which will work really well with the paler, as well as the brighter, shades of pink with-in my outfit. I've also picked my go-to-posh-do bag. I bought this from Primark for about £8 the same time I bought the shoes. Again, another staple piece due to the simplicity of the design and the nude-ness (I'm sure this must be an acceptable term?!) because it just seems to go with everything!
Because my shoes and bag are both fairly neutral and nude I thought it would be nice to paint my nails really bright. Still sticking to the pink theme (really hoping I don't end up looking too much like Barbie on the day!) I've chosen my Ciate polish for my toes which I know won't be seen on the day but I want to feel as though my outfit is complete! I was going to have my nails done professionally I town but I've decided against it because it is going to be a pretty expensive day as it is without adding an extra £25 for nails! I'm pretty skilled at doing a French Manicure my self and will use my trusty EleganTouch polish. I think it will add to the outfit because the jacket and skort are both fairly busy so I thought it best to play it safe and go with a classy French. EleganTouch is the perfect brand for me, not only because the colours work perfectly with my natural nail colour but also because it is very long wearing and from what I've experienced so far, pretty chip resistance. Something that might come in handy at the races as the horses get close to the finish line! Accessories wise I thought I would keep it fairly simple, the boy bought me a gorgeous necklace as a graduation present which is a simple silver chain with a twisted gold and sliver pendant. I thought this with maybe a pair of gold studs and some gold bangles, again just playing it safe and keeping it simple.
As for my make up I will most likely do a natural base using my Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation with my new go-to bronzer, Benefit's Hooler (full review soon). I think I will team this with a dramatic smokey eye but using pinkie shades (Barbie!) with Benefit's push up liner, They're Real mascara and some false lashes. Of course I'll be slapping on a bit of false tan as my legs will be bare eeek! I'm not too adventurous when it comes to my hair, mainly because I'm pretty rubbish at styling it! My aim is to go for a Michelle Kigan-hair style as we have pretty similar hair cuts and so might be able to copy something of hers.
So, there you have it; My York Races Outfit Post. Hopefully the weather will stay as glorious has it has done so far this week, and Wet Wet Wet won't bring out the rain!!
Are you going to the Races this summer? What would you wear to a posh summer do?
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