Glossy Box | August 2014

I can't believe it is that time of month again and I am writing my Gloss Box Post, where has the time gone?! It has been a bit hectic the last few weeks as I have recently taken on a supervisor role at work and been working six day weeks, so as I'm sure you can imagine I have been pretty stressed and tired of late. That's why I love getting these cute little boxes of joy each month, it is a nice treat for my self in which I can try loads of new products I might not have usually come across. Saying this, I was slightly disappointed with August's Box. Don't get me wrong, each product looks great, I just feel like it is all a bit samey as to what I have received previously...

Philip Kingsley | Elasticizer | £38



First up is a product by Philip Kingsley which is their Elasticizer. It is a hair treatment to be used before you wash your hair and was supposedly created for Audrey Hepburn. The idea is that it "delivers unrivalled elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine without weighing down or coating the hair." So I guess this will be a good product for me to use, perhaps before a night out or if I know that I'm going out somewhere nice, but I can't imagine it would be something that I would use on a daily basis. I'm not a huge fan of receiving hair products in my Glossy Box mainly because I find that they are quite hit and miss. This product does state that it is for all hair types however I have very think and bouncy hair naturally so I would have preferred a deep conditioning treatment or something similar. Perhaps I could give it away as part of a present or something if I decide not to use it for my self.

Kryolan For Glossybox | Highlighter Cashmere | £12.95
This was my only full sized product this month. It is a beautiful little pot of highlighter, think Benefit's Whatt's Up meets High Beam, which is really lightweight and easily blended. Again, this was a slight disappointment for me, not because of the product it's self but because I own highlighters myself which I really like, and this also happened to be my third highlighter from Glossy Box in the last six months. Don't get me wrong, I love a good highlighter, and this one is a great colour, but how many highlighters can one girl need without looking like a light bulb with hair!

Pep Cosmeceuticals | Skinpep Hydra Sun Defence SPF30 Day Cream | £5.99

Now, this one I am excited to use! Although I have got Benefit's Dream Screen to take away with me on holiday as my facial sun cream, I will also be taking this Hydra-Sun Defence along with me. It is completely fragrance free and promises to match your skin tone when applied so as not to leave a white residue. I think this will be great to pop into my bag if I need a quick little top up of sun cream whilst up and about and away from the hotel.

Figs and Rouge | Mini Hand Cream | £6.95
This was again another disappointment when I opened this month's Gloss Box. I always seem to receive a hand cream of some sort in every other box which I never really tend to use. Although I have to say the packaging on this bad boy is right up my street but I'm just not sure I'll use this myself. It looks as though my present box is growing rather quickly...

Lalique | L'Amour | £67
I do always like receiving a cheeky fragrance sample in my Glossy Boxes. It is so nice to be able to try new scents without spraying yourself in layer after layer in Boots and end up smelling of a combination of ten different perfumes, never being able to distinguish which one it was that you really liked!! This one by Lalique is quite soft and fresh with a strong but not over-powering smell of roses. There is a decent enough to be able to use it a few times so I'll probably pop it into my handbag to use while I am out and about. 

Yves Rocher | Pink Nail Varnish | £3.60
I have so many pink nail varnishes it is unreal, so again I couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed when I saw yet another pink polish this month. I have not tried anything by Yves Rocher before though so I will be nice to have a look at another brand and see how they compare to my stash. It is a tiny little mini which is a plus because it'll be great to take on trips away or if I wear it on a night out or something so that I can slip it in to my bag in case I need a wee top up.
So there you have it, my August Glossy Box. Overall it was a bit of a mixed bag for me, even though I think that all of the products seem really good, I was quite disappointed at the range as it feels pretty similar to previous boxes I have received. But a sliver lining I suppose is that the products that I don't think I will use a still lovely and so would make brilliant presents for friends or my mum or something, so all is not lost!
What did you receive in your August Gloss Box? Were you disappointed with any of your products?
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