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My Bad Beauty Habits

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I think that as a woman, it is very hard to keep on top of a good beauty regime in every aspect of our bodies. When I think about it, we have so much that we need to control and be aware of when it comes to our bodies and looking after them. Not only do we have to ensure we have a skincare routine to keep our faces hydrated yet spot free and keep on top of body care so that our skin is moisturised, firm and sun kissed, we also have to achieve and maintain a shiny and well nourished bonnet, have a flawlessly finished-make-upped-face and ensure our nails are in tip top shape. It is no wonder really why most of us (or at least I know I definitely do) have bad beauty habits. With so many things to constantly think about and keep on top of in terms of looking after our bodies, as well as maintaining a full time job and running a household, it can be difficult to remember to do anything! So without further a do, I thought that since a lot of my blog is based around beauty and beauty products, I would share a few of the bad beauty habits that I have.

Picking mascara off of my lashes - I do this constantly, mainly on an evening when I've got home from work and I'm sat watching TV for a quick half hour or something. It's so horrible I know, I think it is most probably because I am tired and want to rub my eyes, (which I can't because I'll have a face full of make up on) so instead I pick or pull off my mascara. I almost do it absentmindedly, which is worse because then I'll suddenly have mascara all over my finger tips and have to go and wash my hands. I really need to stop myself from doing it though because each time I do, a few eyelashes come out, along with my mascara!

Biting my nails/having my fingers in my mouth - When I was little I used to have basically no nails because I was forever biting them off. My mum would try all sorts to get me to stop; shouting, bribing, putting that horrible tasting varnish on them... But when I was about 14 I stopped biting them, I went completely cold turkey, because I was desperate to wear nail varnish! I used to be such a tom-boy when I was little and then around the age of 12/13 I started to become really girly and in order to finish the look (in my opinion) I wanted to wear fancy nail varnish like everyone else. However, I do still bite my nails, but it is usually now, only when I am stressed (which is quite often). I'm not really sure how they link up, there is probably some American University Study somewhere about why we bite our nails and how this links to stress, but I honestly have no idea why I do. But it is such a bad habit that I really wish I didn't have because I would die to have lovely long, well-polished nails all of the time!

Not taking my make up off every night - Ok, so I've got a lot better at doing this of late, as I seem to  have more of a steady routine now, than I have previously, but this used to be a really bad beauty habit of mine. I don't know how often I moan about pimples, spots and blemishes, but it is a lot and I know that a big contributing factor for this is leaving make up on my skin over night! Like I say, I am getting a lot better but it does still happen from time to time - ooops!
Picking my face ie imperfections/pimples - I am so bad for doing this! And even when I'm stood in the mirror doing it, I'm thinking 'I shouldn't be doing this, just stop and walk away!' It is so difficult not to though, even though I know that picking only makes it worse, it spreads the bacteria around my face, germs from my fingers go on to my skin ect ect, but when I walk past a mirror (please note, this is only ever at home) and I see a small blemish, I can't help but attack it, and then my eyes are like mini scanners, scrutinising my face for more invasions in need to destroying - I can't help it!

Not washing my make up brushes often enough - This is a really bad one because this, combined with a night of not taking off my make up, plus a ten minuet pimple picking sesh is an absolute breeding ground for bacteria and a face full of imperfections. I really need to work on making this a solid part of my routine because this really is a bad bad habit!
So, there you have it, my top five bad beauty habits. I'm sure there are many more but these were the main few that I could think of, and hopefully now that I have told you all about them, I will be more conscious of doing them in the future!
What are your bad beauty habits? Are any of them the same as mine?
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