September Favourites 2014

September seems to have been a bit of a whirlwind month for me this year and with lots of things going on both at and outside of work I appear to have been using a few key products to help me out.
Two products that I have been using almost daily this month are Natural Collection's Tinted Moisturiser and Boots Skin Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion. Because I work in catering, which can become quite physical when you're running around on a busy lunch time, I don't like to wear anything too heavy on my skin. I was recommended this tinted moisturiser and I have to say, I have been really impressed. I do still pop on a dab of my usual moisturiser before applying the tinted one, but it glides on really nicely and gives a lovely even glow to my skin. I have been partnering it up with some powder and also a spot of Hoola Bronzer, and I am so happy with the result. They have a range of shades to choose from and for £1.99 it really is a bargain. It has really speeded up my morning make up routine as I can easily apply it with my finger-tips rather than messing about with primer, foundation and make up brushes. The Deep Cleansing Lotion has also speeded up my morning routine, because a little dab of this cleanser on a cotton wool pad, quickly and effectively clears my skin of over-night groggy-ness and refreshes my skin, making it fully prepped and ready for moisturiser. It was only a couple of pounds from Boots and is a great convenience on a morning when I'm not yet fully awake.
Another favourite of my this month is from the I Love... range which is their Sugared Pomegranate Bubble Bath and Shower Gel. Being on my feet all day and working a lot of over time has left me quite pooped and so I have found that I have been wanting to have more and more baths. This is a great little product as it smells absolutely amazing which not only helps to take away the stink of gravy off of my skin, but is also lovely and relaxing. I love having a bit of a pamper on an evening after work, just an hour to myself to read my book and to be able to not talk to anyone. I also find that having a hot bath before bed, and then going into a cool bedroom is so relaxing and helps me to wind down from a busy day.
I bought this little beauty - Dreams Unlimited - from The Body Shop when I was in London earlier on this year. It was in the January sales so it was only £5! Such a bargain for an Eau De Parfum, although I'm kind of gutted because I don't think that they sell it anymore. It has a really lovely floral scent and because it has a slightly more intense smell it is great for me to wear for work because it seems to last a lot longer on my skin and I can still smell it when I finish work. It has been a definite must have for me this month.
I bought the Natural Tone Skin Conditioner and Hydrator while I was away on holiday. The hotel I was staying in provided a free sun care advise service and after speaking to the man about some issues I was having with sun burn, he recommended that I use this product as an after sun. At first I thought it might have been a bit of a scam but honestly this stuff was amazing! Because of the Aloe element it was really lovely and cooling on my skin, particularly on my burnt areas and it really calmed my skin down. It is also recommended that you continue to use the product even once you're skin is out of the sun as it will prolong your natural tan. Again, I thought this may have just been a selling technique but I genuinely believe this has really prolonged my tan! I have been using it every couple of days since I have been back at home and my tan still looks fairly prominent. Obviously I can't compare the results but I have been pretty pleased with this product.
September seems to have absolutely flown by, but I am so excited for the beginning of Autumn! I love this time of year especially for the build up to Christmas! P.S. sorry for the rubbishy photo, my camera is playing up so I had to use my phone!
 What favourites did you have this September? What do you enjoy about Autumn?
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