Friday, 5 September 2014

What Is In My Beach Bag

While you're reading this I'll most likely be sat by the pool, soaking up the hot Lanzarote sun, reading my Kindle and taking a sip from my never ending supply of cocktails. I know, check me out being little miss organised and writing some blog posts ready for you to read while I'm away! I thought, keeping with the holiday spirit, that I'd do a short little post letting you know what is in my beach bag (or rather pool bag) and what I would recommend having in your beach bag. I am aware that I am a little late on the band wagon when it comes to holiday themed posts but for all of you last min holiday goers, or for those of you that are just a wee bit nosey, then this is the post for you.
So, without further a do, I'll dive straight in;
My Kindle - or any other reading device for that matter, whether it be a book, magazine ect, to me this is the most important thing to pack in my 'pool side' bag. I absolutely love reading and hate that I don't get to do it as often as I'd like to. The best thing about holidays for me is that it is socially acceptable to spend a whole day relaxing and reading a book. I've got quite a few lined up for this holiday which I'm very excited about reading, as well as a few old favourites of mine which you can read about here, in My Summer Reads post.
Sun Cream - Apart from my Kindle this is the second most important thing to have by my side on holiday. Obviously you should always protect your self against the sun, but when I'm spending hours soaking up the tanning rays I'll need this an call to keep my skin hydrated and burn-free. I will also be taking my Dream Screen which is my new facial sun cream by Benefit which has an spf of 45, perfect for protecting the skin from those harmful rays.
No.7 Sun Hair Protecting Spritz - I picked up this little gem while I was working at Boots. One of the No.7 girls strongly recommended I buy it for when I was going away because it would really protect my hair from sun damage. I've never really worried about my hair on holiday before, but I guess it can get just as dry and damaged by the sun as your skin so why not try to prevent that? So it's tag line is "Conditioning protection for Summer Hair", and it says on the back that it protects from salt and chlorine damage and to use every one to two hours whilst in the sun or pool. I'll do a full post when I get back from on holiday and let you know how I got on!
Other Bits and Bobs - a towel which is not only to stop your body from getting those horrible imprinted lines from sunbeds but to also dry you off if you decide to go for a quick dip in the pool or sea. A bottle of water to keep you nicely hydrated and to help flush out impurities whilst lying in the sun. A sun hat and sun glasses to help prevent headaches and excess sun exposure. Jelly flip flops to wear in and around the pool area, they're great because it doesn't matter if they get wet and they are also a lot more sturdy than regular flip flops. A lip balm because I suffer from dry lips as it is, never mind when I'm sat in the sun, so a hydration balm is definitely in the bag. And last but not least my multi use scarf which can be worn as a sarong, a top and many other things, which is ultra lightweight and is a nice and easy cover up. 
What do you have in your summer beach bag? Do you have any of the same things as me?
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