SmashBox | The SantiGolden Age Be Leegndary Lip Gloss | All Gold E'rything

I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw this little beaut sat on the clearance shelf in Boots the other week. When I used to work for Benefit, our stand was right next to SmashBox's and I loved looking at all of their products, massively avoiding looking at the price tag. For £3 though, I couldn't not buy this lip gloss from their Santi Gold Collection.

With it being in the reduced section I was limited in terms of colour choice, however I am really happy with this light, glittery gold. It is fairly subtle, something I highly appreciate in a lip gloss because I really hate the slippery gloppy mess that you can quite often expect from a gloss. It is great to wear on it's own if you are wanting just a slight amount of glimmer, however, it looks great on top of most lipsticks I have applied it with. My favourite one to combine it with is my Mac's Brave, a subtle product in itself which is very similar to my natural lip colour and so worn with this Smashbox gloss, it adds a more 'dressy' feel to my make up. It has a very long lasting power, which doesn't smudge easily. I also, absolutely love the packaging which is very bright and pleasing on the eye, I'm such a magpie! As I'm sure you can tell, this is a perfect product for me.

What do you think of my £3 bargain? Have you picked up any goodies of late?
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