Monday, 17 November 2014

Oh For The Love Of Loose Tea

I've always been a huge lover of coffee, I think I must have started on it when I was younger in an attempt to try and be more grown up, and for years this was my 'go to' hot drink. Over the last three or four years however I developed a great fondness of tea, which in the past year or so has increased to a love of herbal and loose tea leaves.  
I had read a lot about the health benefits of herbal teas and so I started to drink green tea nearly everyday. I could really feel the difference in myself quite quickly in terms of my skin and I felt the decrease in caffeine improved my mood and energy levels. I then began to drink peppermint tea on a morning which really helps to wake me up and so I also usually have a cup after work as well as a little pick me up. I really enjoyed the changes I was noticing and so I sent away for the 28 day tea-tox by Tiny Tea to try and benefit even more from herbal teas.
For months I was just buying herbal tea-bags and it wasn't until I visited my friend in London and she gave me a cup of loose green tea that I realised what I was missing out on! There is a distinct difference I feel, the taste and smell is a lot fresher, a bit lighter and not as processed. It felt so much cleaner and although it may have been slightly psychological it just felt like it was better for me. My cousin used to work at Betty's and so she got me a couple of bags of their fresh mint infusion which is so nice.
I was on the hunt for a tea pot with a built in infuser because I was fiddling about with a tea strainer, tea pot and tea cup. I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous black cast iron tea pot from my cousin for my birthday, along with some Taylor's Moroccan Mint Leaf Tea. I don't know what it is about a pot of loose mint tea but I love it when I've got an hour or so to myself to boil the kettle and to take the time to sit and drink my tea. I just find it so relaxing and often brew myself a pot whilst writing blog posts, I actually have a pot on the go while writing this! I think I might buy a mint plant so that I can have extremely fresh tea, I just can't get enough of the stuff! I realise that this is a bit of a boring post but I just wanted to share my recent love and show off my wonderful new tea pot!
What do you think about loose tea? Do you have any flavours you could recommend?

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