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This year I decided to make a few of my Christmas presents, I blame too many hours browsing Pinterest's DIY and Crafts category! I always feel that homemade gifts mean so much more because you can tell that people have really put in the time and effort to make something special.


I have seen so many tutorials online for homemade bath products. I did cheat a little however and used some pre-scented bath salts, but I popped in some real dried lavender tops into my little Tea-Bath Bags. I used some coffee filters and tied the tops with some ribbons and added some little instructions to the gifts bags that I put them in. It was such a cute little present I thought to have as a little extra and I gave some to my mum and to my cousin.

I also made my Dad's Christmas present which was a little story that substituted some of the words for Chocolate bars and packets of sweets. I also added some little holly, candy cane and father Christmas hat drawings to make it a little more Christmas-y. It read:
"To Dad, I wish that I had MILLIONS of pounds to buy you an amazing Christmas presents. I would send you on an AERO-plane to somewhere nice and hot or pay for you to jet off into space to see the GLAXY, MARS and the MILKYWAY. I'd be LION if I said that waitressing paid me in GOLD COINS and so I decided to make you a MARVELLOUS CREATION which I thought would MENTOS more. Anyway, sorry to get off TOPIC, I hope this provided a couple of SNICKERS, enjoy these MUNCHIES! Merry Christmas
Lots of love, your SMARTIES pants daughter KISSES 
I thought that this was a great idea for my dad because I never know what to buy him and he seemed really impressed with this on the big day.

The last homemade gift that I made was these hot chocolate reindeers. I bought some plastic piping bags and put in enough hot chocolate mixture for two cups, then put a layer of chocolate drops and then a layer of mini marshmallows. I then just applied some brown pipe-cleaners for antlers and some googly eyes and a red pompom.
What do you think of my homemade gifts? Did you make any of your Christmas presents this year? 

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