Friday, 5 December 2014

November Favourites | The Non-Beauty Edit

I am so excited for it to be the start of December so that we can begin the countdown to Christmas! This really is my favourite time of the year. I feel like everyone is in such high spirits and its so nice to spend quality time with my family and friends, going out for Christmas drinks, popping along to Christmas markets and eating as much chocolate and goodies as possible! But before I ramble on too much about the month of December, I wanted to share what I have been loving this November. My monthly posts usually feature what I have been loving beauty-wise during the previous month. This time however, I thought I would mix things up a bit and do a non-beauty edit of my Favourite things this November.
I have been loving my Winter Yankee Candle of late. I was actually given it as a Christmas present late year but never wanted to light it because I wanted to keep it! Sounds silly I know because I've had it on display all year. So I have finally started lighting it this month and have had it lit for an hour or so every night the last few weeks. It has a gorgeous scent and really makes the house feel a lot more cosy, especially during these darker, colder evenings. I have also really been loving Netflix of late. I have been a subscriber since this time last year, and whist I have always been happy with what has been on offer, I feel like the standard has risen over the last few months with some great new series and films to watch. I have never really been a huge lover of hot chocolate (I would rather just have a piece!) but I bought some whilst it was on offer and have been loving it! It is so nice, when I get in from work, light my candle, stick on a Netflix film and curl up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate!
Another favourite this month has been my fluffy jumper from Primark which I had originally seen on one of InTheFro's  Primark Haul YouTube videos. I saw it again when I was in store and once I had tried it on I couldn't not buy it! It is so soft and comfortable, with woven black and white threads which almost gives it a blue-like tinge. It was such a bargain at just £10 and it is so warm and easy to wear with a range of outfits, I have barely taken it off! I have also really been loving my diary this month. I have a lovely Filox-type diary from Paperchase which you buy inserts for. I have had it for over two years now, but recently Paperchase have re-vamped the diary inserts and so it all looks so pretty and vintage. I have begun to incorporate my blog in to my diary in an attempt to get better organised. It has really helped with the planning and scheduling of my posts and so I have been using it a lot more over the last few weeks. My final November favourite is a relaxing lavender pillow mist from Avon. I have been giving my pillows a little spritz of this before getting in to bed and it really does smell amazing. I have been having trouble sleeping lately and so thought this might help as lavender is supposed to be a very calming and relaxing scent. I'm not overly convinced that it is helping me sleep better, but it certainly makes my bed smell nice and seems to help me relax on an evening.
Apologises for the slightly lengthy post, I hope you enjoyed reading! What have been your non-beauty favourites this November?

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