The Christmas Tag

I am an avid reader of Birds Words and she published a post on this Christmas Tag a few weeks ago which I read and loved! I thought it would be a nice post to publish on Christmas Day, to let you know how I spend Christmas and what my family traditions are. So without further a do, I shall dive straight in...
What is your favourite Christmas Movie?
The Nightmare Before Christmas, hands down.
Do you open presents on Christmas morning or evening?
We have got into a routine of me and my brother sitting at the bottom of my Mum and Dad's bed with a cup of tea and the radio playing whilst we open our stockings. Then we pop downstairs ( run and make another cup of tea) and then head in to the living room to open all of our presents that are under the tree. More often than not we will visit family or have family round at my parents house and so we will end up opening some presents in the evening, but the majority will be opened in the morning. I'm too much of an excitable child to wait until later on in the day!
Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
One year me and my brother both got new bikes for Christmas, I was about 5 and Josh was about 6. I'm not too sure if this is an actual memory of mine but we have it on video and I have watched it so many times that it is completely engrained! Me and Josh are both taken into the kitchen and we are presented with our new bikes. I am on the right hand side screaming with excitement and josh is also screaming but in excitement for me and my new bike. My mum then comes into shot and is trying to show Josh his new bike, which he then starts going crazy over! So sweet and funny at how excited he was for me when he had a bike of his own the whole time!
What is your favourite festive food?
Pigs in blankets -nuff said.
What has been your favourite Christmas gift?
 I can't honestly pick one!
What is your favourite Christmas scent?
My mum has a wonderful little bottle of 'Christmas Scent' that she buys from Marks and Spencer's every year which is a beautiful room spray. As soon as I get a whiff of that I am in an instantly Christmas-y mood!
Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?
I don't tend to have a traditional Christmas Eve as I have usually been at work, or popped over to one of my Boyfriend's parent's houses which usually involves a lot of drink and lovely food. I would love to get a Christmas Eve tradition, I think it would be really nice to have something else to look forward to, other than Christmas day itself.
As a child what was the one ( crazy, extravagant ) gift that you wanted but never got?
This isn't the most crazy of presents but it was certainly extravagant (price-wise) but when I was younger I dreamed of getting the Playmobile Mansion. It was beautiful and almost the size of my seven year old self! It was pink and purple and could be closed up and locked at the front. I loved the idea of kitting it all out with amazing furniture and organising it to perfection (I was a bit of an organisational geek even then!) \It was the one thing I asked for every Christmas but sadly never received.
What do you think is the best part of Christmas?
As soppy as it sounds, the best part about Christmas for me is getting to see all of my family. Everyone is always in such a good mood and in high spirits. I love watching them opening up their presents, eating and drinking lots of nice food and drink, catching up and having a fun time!
I ask everyone who reads this to also do the Christmas Tag and leave me your links so that I can have a read!
Merry Christmas
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