Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas this year! It seems to have absolutely flown by and I can't believe we'll be celebrating New Year's Eve tomorrow night! So excited to read everyone's 'NYE Get Ready With Me' posts, I love seeing what everyone has chosen to wear - such a nosy parker! Speaking of nosey parkers, I have really enjoyed reading lots of posts about what people got for Christmas. I think there is sometimes a worry with these posts that people are bragging or boasting about what wonderful presents they received. I don't see it at all like that however, I love seeing what everyone got as it gives you a bit more of an insight to the person behind the blog, provides a sneak peak of posts to come and gives great inspiration as to what to hunt for in the sales! With this being my first Christmas with my blog, I thought I would jump in with two feet in true blogger style and write a 'What I Got For Christmas' Post.
I was well and truly spoilt this Christmas and received loads of gorgeous bits and bobs (clearly I was a very good girl this year!) I've split everything into groups/categories so that it was easier for you to see and have a read of what I was given.

Chocolate and Food Bits
It's just not Christmas without all of the Chocolate and goodies is it? My Mum put together this beautiful hamper for me and the boy with lots of foodie bits and bobs which will keep us going for a while. I was also given the standard gold bunny, chocolate oranges and gold coins as well as a massive Thorntons Chocolate Reindeer - yum yum!

Beauty and Bath
I was given so many amazing beauty based presents this year, my most favourite being the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I have read so many reviews about this staple beauty blogger product and have been lusting over it for quite some time now. I had put it on my 2014 Christmas Wish List post which you can read here, but I hadn't asked for it because I know it is a bit of an expensive purchase. But my lovely boyfriend had a cheeky gander at my blog and decided to treat me! I'm not sure if I love him more for the surprise of for the fact that he had a read of my blog! Anyway, I need to pop in store to have a colour match, just to make sure that it is the right shade for my skin - but I am so excited to use it!
The boy really was a charmer this year as he also bought me Soap and Glory's Next Big Thing and Lush's Snow Fairy gift box (although I may have hinted quite heavily about these two!) I was also given some Soap and Glory bits and bobs from my Mum so it is safe to say that I won't need to buy any of this stuff for a while! I was also given some lovely soaps, hand-creams and little make-up-y things as well as a three month Glossy Box subscription. It is safe to say I didn't really bloomin' well on the beauty front! 

Tea and Coffee
If you know me well (or even not so well for that matter) you will know that I am quite partial to the odd hot beverage or two! I am mad for tea and coffee, I even wrote a full post about it here if you fancy a read! I can't function without a hot drink it seems, and I will always be the first to 'pop the kettle on' regardless of where I am! I was given some lovely little tea gadgets which included some Hugs tea tongs and a mini pug infuser. The Starbucks set for two is for me and the boy which have some cute sugar swizzle sticks. 

I am a huge book lover and even though I have a Kindle, there is nothing better than receiving the physical copy to hold in your hand. I have heard so many good things about the Gone Girl film but have also heard from lots of people that you should read the book before hand. So I was given this by the boy but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will want to borrow it when I've finished! My brother gave me these gorgeous limited edition copies of two classics. There is a whole range of them but he got me A Christmas Carol (of course) and Frankenstein, a novel I studied in my literature class and loved. 

Winter Warmers
I got some lovely socks, hand-warmers and gloves, all very much appreciated as it just seems to be getting more and more cold as the days go by! My Mum also bought me some yoga socks which have individual toes and little gripper pads on the bottom. I love going to my yoga class (which is run by my Mum) but my feet always get so cold because you can't wear socks, otherwise you'll slip and not be able to gain a proper grip. So will definitely be taking these when classes start up again in the new year.

Candles and Frozen

I was given some lovely homely candles and candle holders from my boyfriend's family. I love this shabby vintage-y look and they will fit in perfectly with the rest of the house. I was also given a Keep Calm And Let It Go Frozen canvas bag. I think that this will become my mantra for 2015 as I do tend to hold on to things a bit too much some times and let things linger when I really should move on and not worry so much.
We were also given a coffee machine from my boyfriend's mum which was such a lovely surprise! I still can't really believe we have one! I am so grateful for all of my lovely gifts this year, I have been treated so much and need to get my thank you cards written asap!
Hope you enjoyed reading, send me your links if you have written a 'What I Got For Christmas' post too!
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