Sunday, 11 January 2015

January Spring Clean | Clearing Out My Wardrobe


This past week I have been trapped in my house because we have had some men round to come and replace all of our windows. We knew it was an old house when we moved in but we hadn't quite realised just how bad the windows were. They were quite rotten and since they were only double-glazed we were spending a fortune trying to heat the place up! Anyway, I had to stay in and with the boy heading off to work, I found I had a lot of spare time on my hands.

I had been wanting to sort through all of my clothes for a long time but just have never got down to actually doing it. It is one of those tasks that you think will take no time at all but once you've started it ends up taking for ever! I decided to be extremely thorough and be quite strict with myself and I feel so much better for it! We have quite a lot of storage but before we had moved out I kept all of my clothes in a double wardrobe with shelving, and a four draw chest of draws. So you can imagine that once I had to then share this with my boyfriend when we moved in together, a lot of my clothes had to be squished to the side. Thankfully, we were given a little child's wardrobe from my auntie which has little draws on the side which I was able to put some clothes in.

I started by pulling out all of my clothes and sorting them into piles. Keeping it simple I had two, one to keep and one to give to charity. In the past I have had a third pile which has been my 'maybe' pile, that I would usually bag up and re-visit a few months after, but I decided to cut out this step because I never keep the 'maybe' bag anyway.

Chest of Draws

Work-Wear Bottoms, Tops, Holiday Tops

Winter PJs, Summer PJs, Lounge Wear

Skirts, Shorts, Jeans and Leggings
I then tackled my chest of draws and dedicated a draw to my bottoms, PJs and lounge-wear and work-wear and holiday tops. I divided my work-wear into two piles of tops and bottoms. We don't have a uniform at work, our only requirement is to wear black. So because we can wear our own clothes I am sure you can imagine that it becomes a bit of a stressful task on a morning to try and find anything black to wear. So I sorted through my clothes and thought I would organise them so that all of my work things are in one place. Next to work-wear in the same draw I have put holiday tops. These are summer tops that I would only wear on holiday, by the beach or at a pool side. The second draw down I have organised into three different piles. One is winter PJs ie long sleeved tops and long bottoms, summer PJs ie shorts and strappy tops and lounge-wear ie jogging bottoms and baggy tops. The bottom draw is again organised into three piles of skirts, shorts and jeans and leggings.

My Little White Wardrobe

Tops Ranging in Sleeve Length an Colour
Once everything was neatly folded and put away into my chest of draws I moved on to tops and organising them into my little white Wardrobe. I hung them up in order of sleeve length and colour ranging from darks to lights. I know this sounds slightly anal but I just really wanted to get organised and thought I if I was going to spend time on this task I was going to do it properly.

Dresses and Cardigans
 I then just had my dresses and cardigans to hang up which are on the right hand side of the main wardrobe. My jumpers are stored on a shelf which is behind the door to the right of this picture. The dresses again range from darks to lights and then the cardigans from lights to dark. On the shelf above these clothes I have put my high heeled shoes, and underneath are bags in which to store various different things. One has hats, scarves and gloves, another has small handbags, another has belts ect ect.

Clothes to take to the Charity Shop
In this picture is a pile of all of the clothes that I am getting rid of and taking down to my local charity shop. It feels so good to have a real clear out and to get rid of un-wanted things. I know it sounds slightly cliché but it feels like taking a huge breath of fresh air and like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. After doing this clear out, things feel so much more organised and sorted and it has really inspired me to go on and sort out more parts of the house. Next I plan to re-organise and sort out all of my make up and beauty stash, so I may be writing another post like this soon!

Have you had a clear out recently? How do you organise your clothes?
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