12 Cities 12 Months | Coral Bay, Paphos, Cyprus

  • Sunday, 29 October 2017

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful countries that I have travelled too, and I was so happy to have spent a week enjoying the glorious sunshine, food and scenery. 

Early on in the year my mum and dad decided to book a week away in Cyprus for some last minute sun before hibernating for winter. My brother, James and I were invited and we were all so ready for a week in the sunshine to relax and have a well-deserved break. 

We stayed in a James Villa in Coral Bay, a small little town situated just outside of the city of Paphos. It is a beautiful spot that is much quieter and less tourist-y.  It was so nice to have our own space and poolside. It meant that we could cook for ourselves, there was no mad rush for the sun beds in the morning, and it was so peaceful and quiet. 

Most of our days consisted of waking up early, (well for me and my mum at least, the boys tended to stay in bed a little longer to sleep off their Keo Beers from the night before…) grabbing a spot by the pool with my kindle and a coffee, to enjoy the morning sunshine. We went to the beach, had some walks along the sea front and popped out for lunch a few times. We had evening meals out, and so much drink that I was having flash backs to my uni days! 

The food in Cyprus is so so incredible. I absolutely love it and this time around it certainly didn’t disappoint. I had Moussaka three or four times throughout the week, a beautiful dish with lamb, aubergine and potatoes, baked in the oven – it is heaven. I am also a huge fan of their omelets, which are so beautifully cooked and served with lots of fresh ingredients. I don’t know if it is the soil over there, but the food is so so good, bursting with flavour and yummy goodness. 

We also spent an afternoon at Paphos Zoo, which was so nice. It was originally a bird park, but they have expanded their animals and they had lions, elephants and even a four-month-old baby tiger! It was so gorgeous and I couldn’t believe how close we were allowed to get to it! 

It was so lovely to have literally no agenda, no plans, no schedule and no rush to be anywhere or to do anything. Sometimes it can be so easy to get wrapped up into the routine of everyday life that we forget to actually enjoy living and being in the present. This week really gave me a re-charge and it felt amazing. 


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A Week In The Sun | Top Beauty Products

  • Monday, 23 October 2017

One of the hardest things I find about packing for a holiday, is deciding what beauty products I should take along with me. Especially when most of the trips that I have made of late have been hand luggage only. There are so many restrictions now, specifically when it comes to liquid allowance, and it can make packing a little difficult when it comes to beauty bits and pieces. Before packing for Cyprus, I pulled out everything that I thought I might need to take away and then had the joyful process of condensing it. 

Although, I’m not going to lie, I kind of enjoyed myself really…!


In terms of makeup, I decided to pick one neutral, every day, easy look that would go with everything and stick to that. That way, I could really condense my products and only pack the bare essentials. So I packed my trusty Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in a tiny little bottle, the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer and a compact powder for my base. I then picked out my Seventeen Shimmer Brick that can be used as a bronzer, eyeshadow and highlighter – universal products are a must! I then popped in a mini Nars Orgasm Blush, some mascara, a liquid liner, my Benefit Brow-Zings, a lip balm, one lip stick and one liquid lipstick and that’s it! A simple everyday face that can be transformed into an evening look with the liquid liner, lipstick and eyeshadow. 


Skincare was a little harder to condense as I love applying lots of serums, oils and moisturisers throughout the week, as well as using various face washes, scrubs and face masks. I just love skincare! So I really restricted myself and packed mini tub of Benefit’s Total Moisture, which can be used as both a day and a night cream. I then packed some, dare I say… makeup wipes! I know, I know, but they are so easy to use and don’t take up any liquid allowance!! I also packed some Facial Sun Cream from Spa Magik*, which has an SPF of 50, ideal for sunny weather, and some of the 7th Heaven Charcoal Peel-Off Mask* to give my skin a little prep whilst away. 


In terms of body products, I have packed the absolute bare minimum. Some shower gel, a mini deodorant and body spray, a razor and some in-grown hair preventer serum. I also packed my trusty travel tooth tablets rom Lush instead of toothpaste, so that it wouldn’t take up any of my liquid allowance. 


I am not one to use tones of hair care products, so it was a little easier narrowing down what to take away with me in the hair department. I decided to pack some sachet samples of shampoo and conditioner. Not only do they take up a lot less room in terms of liquid allowance, but they are usually really nice brands! I also packed a miniature Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hair Spray, some No7 Hair Care Sun Protector and my trusty Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo.  


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Holiday Prep | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  • Sunday, 22 October 2017

Going on holiday can be one of the most relaxing things to do. I find that half of the excitement of a holiday comes from looking forward to it, packing and getting organised. Maybe that’s just me!? 

Before flying to Cyprus this week I wanted to make sure that I was as organised as possible in order to feel as relaxed as I could. If like me you’re a bit of a list maker, then you may find this post useful, or you might think I’m a little crazy and overthinking things! Either way, here are a few ways that I like to do in order to prepare for a holiday in the sunshine. 


One of my favourite things to do in preparation for any holiday is to have a good ol’ fashioned pamper session. I’m talking exfoliating, facial scrubs, face masks etc. Then, I like to do my nails, both hands and feet. I usually pick out a universal nail varnish colour and match my hands and feet, and then take the bottle away with me for easy touch ups. I also like to fake tan, especially before a holiday in the sun, just to make myself feel a little more confident on my first day in a bikini. 


When it comes to packing, I am an absolute list checker machine. A while before I go I like to pull out all of my holiday clothes, and then anything from my summer wardrobe that I think I might want to take away with me. I then like to spend some time trying on all sorts of variations of the outfits and attempt to make a bit of a holiday capsule wardrobe. I also like to do this in advance as it allows me to see if there is anything missing or anything that I need to buy before going away. This year for example, I thought I had enough swimwear, but then decided that I wanted a new bikini. It was great as I got an absolute bargain because we are going so late in the year. 


Something else that I like to do in preparation for any holiday, is gathering together all of my entertainment bits and bobs for traveling. I Like to make sure that all of my gadgets are fully charged and that I have all of my chargers, wires, adapters etc. Packed and ready to go. I also like to have a look through Amazon’s Kindle Books selection and see if anything catches my eye for me to read on holiday. Then I have plenty of time to buy it and upload it onto my kindle before the holiday begins.


There are also a few annoying and boring, yet essential and useful things to do before going on holiday. Little things that can make a big difference; getting travel insurance, checking flight times, making sure that all travel and accommodation information is printed off, check in to flights in advance, pay for parking at the airport and getting some money exchanged. All of these things take two seconds to check or do, but they will massively pay off in the long run if you were to forget or something were to go wrong!

How do you like to prep before a holiday? 
Are you as fussy as me when it comes to holiday preparation?!


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Late Holidays In The Sun | Summer Sales & Bikini Bargains

  • Friday, 20 October 2017

I am currently on a weeklong holiday in Cyprus with my family. Although it felt like an eternity when following everyone’s insta stories of their time on the beach, and having pool parties etc. during the summer months, there are many benefits to having a holiday in the sun later on in the year, and it is well worth the wait. 


It is a well-known fact that holiday and travel companies really whack up their prices during the height of summer. For this reason, if you want to save a bit of money it is best to book something out of season. Not only are the flights and car hire a lot cheaper, but you can also get a real bargain in terms of accommodation. We ended up booking a villa for Cyprus, as we love the privacy, the freedom to do what you want and it is much quieter. However, you can save so much money booking it in the less busy months either side of summer. 


Shops begin to have huge summer sales towards the end of September as they try to clear their shelves ready for A/W fashion pieces. This is great for those going on holiday later on in the year as you can pick up some serious bargains. I ended up getting some fantastic pieces on the build up to my holiday including a bikini from Debenhams. It probably helps that I am a bit of an odd size when it comes to swimwear and underwear, but I got a set reduced from £45 for just £13! 


One of the main benefits of going on a holiday in the sun later on in the year is that it is out of season. This means that it is less busy, there are fewer children and therefore I find everything a little less stressful. The weather can also be a positive when traveling out of season. Cyprus for example is a beautiful country, but in the height of summer the weather can be a little too intense. But during the months of October, the weather is cooler, yet still really sunny. This is perfect for me; as I like to enjoy the sun, not bake in it, yet I can still enjoy dips in the pool and trips to the beach. 


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Bloggers Spotlight | Travel Blogger Inspiration

  • Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Today I am so excited to be flying over to Cyprus for a relaxing week in the sunshine! I have been looking forward to this holiday throughout summer, and I can’t believe that I am finally going!

I am so excited to enjoy some time away from home, and really let my hair down. In true blogger-style, I have lots of content planned and will be sharing what I get up to on Instagram both on my feed and on Insta-Stories. 

I love to read about what people get up to on holiday and whilst they travel around. In light of this I thought that I would share a few of my favourite travel bloggers, and so for this month’s #BloggersSpotlight, here are a few bloggers that give me serious wanderlust vibes! 


Image Source

I have been following Carrie from Wish Wish Wish and her travels for quite a while now. I absolutely love her photography. She recently had a trip to the United States, which gave me some serious travel inspo as James and I are currently planning a huge road trip in America early next year. 


Image Source

World Of Wanderlust is written by a full-time travel Blogger. It is very inspirational and contains some great trips for traveling around the world. It is the perfect blend of photo diaries, top tips and travel inspiration.  


Image Source

I first followed In The Frow for her amazing beauty content. However, Victoria’s blog seems to have evolved to include a lot more travel. She has explored so much of the world and has a lot of insight and some great tips and well as truly inspirational photographs.


Image Source

Josie from Fashion Mumbler goes away on lots of short city breaks and documents some really exciting trips. Her blog posts about her travel are always very informative and she really captures the spirit of the place within her photography. 


Image Source

I have read Em’s blog for a long time and I became really captivated when she travelled around Canada. She has recently gone on a huge USA trip, exploring California, which was perfect reading for me as we are planning on going there for part of our trip next year. 


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A Harry Potter Inspired Autumnal Outfit

  • Monday, 16 October 2017

I love it when I find an outfit that makes me feel confident, on trend and occasion perfect…

A few weeks ago I headed down to London to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I wanted to wear something that was comfortable to travel and walk around it, as well as casual and weather appropriate. 

I am a huge fan of autumn and I fell in love with this seasonal jumper when I saw it in Primark recently. Not only was it an absolute bargain, it is also a lovely over-sized fit, a soft velvet-style material and a beautiful autumnal yellow. 

I decided to pair this casual, over-sized knit tucked into a pair of super-tight, high-waisted, black skinny jeans. To complete the look I wore a pair of black Chelsea boots and my light, jacket from Zara, both of which feature in my Autumnal Staples post. 

I felt as though this was a great outfit to wear, as I felt so confident. I loved the oversized fit of the jumper, which hides a multitude of sins, yet remains flattering when tucked into the skinny jeans. I felt casual, yet still a little sophisticated with the black jeans and black boots. 

I also really enjoyed the fact that this jumper is the exact shade of yellowy-gold that matches the Hufflepuff crest. Before going to the studios, I re-signed up to Pottermore and was sorted into the Hufflepuff house. To any Harry Potter fans, this isn’t exactly the most preferred house to be a member of, but I have embraced it, and loved that I could wear the house colours of yellow and black whilst wondering around the studios. 


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Hygge Life | What Hygge Means To Me

  • Sunday, 15 October 2017

I was introduced to the concept of Hygge just before autumn last year. This Danish way of life seems to have taken the Internet by storm, and after reading more about the notion, I can completely understand why. 

I feel as though I can really relate to the idea of Hygge, and have recently started to re-read; The Little Book Of Hygge, The Danish Way To Live Well by Meik Wiking. This is a fantastic read that breaks down the different variations of Hygge and explores the idea of Hygge in categories such as clothes, Christmas, home life and social situations. 


Hygge can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but the general idea from what I can gather is that it is a situation that makes you feel safe, warm, calm, comfortable and happy. Hygge is something that brings you comfort whether this is through food, being around your favourite people, setting up a cosy space or doing something that you love. 

I think that Hygge is something that can really help people during this time of year. As autumn moves into winter, I think that a lot of people can find it a difficult time to remain positive and productive. I know that I for one can struggle as the nights become darker, the mornings become darker, the weather can be harsh and cold, and things can sometimes feel a little negative. 

I have always been a fan of autumn but having been introduced to the notion of Hygge, I feel as though I have been able to embrace this time of yea even more, and take positive and productive feelings into the winter months. 


One way in which I like to feel Hygge is by setting up the living room on an evening with candles and cosy blankets. I like to put on a pair of joggers and a warm cosy jumper. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know that I have picked up a couple of lovely knits lately. To finish it off I love to either cosy up with a good book, or pop on a Harry Potter film, with a lovely hot cup of coffee. 

The second way that I love to embrace the notion of Hygge is by running myself a really hot and steamy bath finished off with some sort of Lush bath bomb. I then like to light lots of candles and place these around the end of the bath. I love to gather together as many pamper products as I can such as facemasks, body scrubs and hair oils. Again, I then like to chill out with a good book or perhaps a Netflix documentary or an episode of whichever series I’m currently watching. 


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Health Update | Detoxifying My Mind, Body & Soul

  • Friday, 13 October 2017

I think everyone at some point gets the feeling that they can do things in order to be healthier. I for one feel as though being healthy is a daily, weekly and monthly goal and I always find that I can improve in one way or another. 

One thing that I have been working on lately is being physically healthy as well as focusing on my wellness and happiness levels. I think that sometimes we focus too heavily on fitness side of things and what our bodies look like in the mirror, when we think of being healthy. I have been on a bit of a mission over the past few weeks however to feel healthy within my mind, as well as physically. 

I am going on holiday next week to Cyprus, and I have been making a bit more of an effort to look after my body, detox and get myself feeling a little more confident before baring all in a bikini on the beach. However, I am also really looking forward to having a week to enjoy time with my family, the sunshine and not having to work or focus on anything in particular. I feel like this holiday will contribute to my mental health, which is just as important as being physically healthy. 

It has been a little bit nonstop of late, and in the mist of all of this madness I have been trying especially hard to look after myself properly, and get rid of that feeling that I am just keeping my head above water. I have been doing a couple of little things that have helped me detoxify over the last few weeks, and I’m not talking about having kale and chia seed smoothies six times a day.


In terms of looking after my mental health, I have been taking a little more time for myself. I have had quite a lot on over the last few weeks; London Fashion Week, overtime at work and trips around the country to name just a few things. I am a bit of an introvert at heart, and so having too much on can feel a little draining. So I have tried to purposefully say no to certain things, and prioritise time for myself to appreciate some self-care. I’m talking, hot baths filled with Lush bath bombs, routine breaks, reading books and doing things that I enjoy. 

I have also been trying not to focus on the negatives. I have written a couple of different posts over the last few weeks including Ways To Remain Positive When Things Don’t Work Out and Struggling With Negativity, Taking Joy From The Little Things In Life.


I have also been focusing a little more on my body in terms of detoxing and being healthier. Ultimately I have been trying to listen to my body a lot more. I have upped my gym sessions, but I haven’t wanted to push myself too hard. I was beginning to feel exhausted like I was constantly rushing about, so I have tried to listen to my body in terms of getting more sleep, resting when I need to and not over-doing it. 

I have also been trying to eat better by having plenty of fresh food and drinking a lot more water to keep myself hydrated. I have just finished my thirty-day Skinny Coffee detox program, and although I haven’t lost tones of weight, I have shred about five pounds. I think I have also built muscle however from going to the gym, and I feel a bit more toned and my body feels healthier over all, which is the main goal. 


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