Concealer Brush | £18.50 | Link

Hard Angle/Definer Brush | £16.50 | Link

Blush/Powder Brush | £23.50 | Link

Foundation Brush | £20.50 | Link

Cream Shadow Brush | £18.50 | Link


When I said goodbye to all of my work friends at Boots a few weeks ago, they sent me packing with a huge box of goodies  which included a make up brush set, by Benefit no less! I've been saving them, not only to write a bog post all about them but also because I'm quite happy with the brushes I am currently using. However, I think it is now time to take the plunge and start using my new set and leave my other ones as back up brushes.

I was given six brushes in total, one for powder, foundation, a hard angle brush for brows, a concealer brush and two for eye shadow. I only ever used to use brushes for eye shadow but for Christmas, a year before the one just gone, I was given a No.7 foundation brush which changed the way I applied make up forever! Since using one I could never go back as my foundation has a much more flawless finish, I end up using a lot less product and it is applied very evenly over my skin. Now I use a brush for pretty much everything I apply on my face, which is great because I only ever use as much of each product that I need to and don't have to run to the bathroom every two seconds to wash my hands!
These brushes are very high in quality, although I would expect nothing less from Benefit. They are extremely soft to touch with lovely long handles which is great because I find make up much easier to apply as there is a more secure hold on the brush. The eyeshadow brushes and hard angle brush are a perfect size to apply make up with great precision and the concealer brush has a wide spread fan to easily blend concealer and primers. I would usually prefer a larger powder brush to I will most likely use this one for bronzer and blusher as it is better designed for a more precise application. Overall I'm so so happy with my new brushes and think that they will really enhance my make up application.

What make up brushes do you use? Can you recommend any brands to use other than Benefit?
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