If you follow me on Twitter then you'll probably know that I'm going on holiday for a week at the beginning of September. Me and the boy have booked an all-inclusive trip to Lanzarote which will be lovely and relaxing I'm sure. With us only booking it a few weeks in advance I've decided to go on a mini health and beauty kick in order to get my body primed and prepped for our summer holiday. I thought I would share the few simple changes I have made and will continue with until we jet off.
Cutting out the rubbish food - This is an obvious one I'm sure, but I've basically been trying to cut out crisps, sweets, chocolate and eat more smoothies/fruit/veg instead of snacking. This is not only to see if I can loose a few pounds but also to decrease a bloated belly, so that it is bikini worthy, and to clear my skin of impurities as I tend to hardly wear any make up while I'm on a sunny holiday by the pool.

Exercise - I've been heading over to the gym a lot more, again to help shift those few extra pounds I'm not comfortable carrying around in skimpy summer gear. I've been doing a fair amount of toning exercises with a lot of sit ups, and have been walking more on the treadmill with a combination of varying speeds and inclines.

Cut out the caffeine - It is a well known fact that caffeine decreases metabolism which is counter-productive since I'm trying to eat better and exercise a lot more. So I have cut down on the milky lattes and cups of tea and instead having been opting more for peppermint and green teas. Not only will this cut down on the extra calories but it will also promote good skin and encourage a better sleeping pattern which will also help with increasing metabolism and improving my skin.

Palmers Firming Butter and Dove Gradual Tan - As well as getting my body healthy for me jollys, I also want to head off with a healthy looking glow. I hate the feeling of being extra pasty when I first go away so I'll be slapping on the gradual tan a few days leading up to the flight. Although, to be honest, with this recent lovely weather we've been having, I've been popping on the fake tan the last few weeks anyway, so I'll most likely just be maintaining the sun-kissed colour I've been rocking lately.

Hair Care - My hair is pretty damaged anyway (due to a bleaching phase I went through a few years back, and because of the length, most of it still hasn't recovered!) so having it sun-exposed for a week will do it no favours. So, I'm having a friend to cut it before I jet off and from now until I go away I will use conditioning treatments and oils to make sure it is fully moisturised in order to decrease sun damage.
So there you have it, a few holiday preparation bits and bobs that I will be doing on the build up to my holiday to get me summer ready. Would love to know if you have any tips or ticks that you have to get you ready for your holidays, get in touch if you do!
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