It's fair to say that I've been feeling a little bit stressed of late. Having a new house, a little kitten to look after and just starting a supervisor role at work, things seem to be quite hectic! So I love it when I receive my monthly Glossy Box which is a little something for myself. I was really excited about July's box as it was all based around the idea of the 4th July so everything was very American, including the box! I don't know to much about American make-up brands and so it was nice to be introduced to some different brands I might not have thought to have tried. There was a great range of products this July  and with four out of five of them being full sized, it was hard to be disappointed.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd | Mineral Lipstick | RRP £20
I love the colour of this lipstick! When it comes to lipsticks I much prefer a natural or nude looking tone, if I want a slightly bolder colour I tend to opt for a lip-gloss or stain. Sticking to the American theme, Glossy Box have chosen a reddish lipstick named Mandaring which has slight coral and peach tones. You only need a small amount as it is highly pigmented. I'm yet to see how long-wearing it is but I am quite hopeful that it will be extremely so based on the high amount of pigmentation.

ABSOLUTE New York | Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer | RRP $4.99
Lately I've been wearing a lot more eyeshadow on a daily basis and so I've been wanting to buy an eye primer for a while but haven't been sure which one to purchase. This one by Absolute New York looks like it will do the job, it is oil free yet still creamy and easy to blend. Once applied it matches to your own skin tone and so it evens out blemishes and acts as a base for your eyeshadow without compromising the pigment of the eyeshadow itself.

Carmex | Lip Balm | RRP £2.69
I've heard a lot about Carmex and have always wanted to try it. However, I was slightly put off my the fact that it is in a vasaline-type tin. I think it must be a hygiene thing but I really hate the idea of constantly dipping my finger into a tube and then applying product on to my lips. Also, what do you do with your finger once the product is on your lips? rub it into your hands? on to your clothes? But besides the application process I'm sure I will love the product itself. It contains beeswax which is very nourishing and hydrating which is great for my lips because mine tend to be quite dry. I'm not a fan of the packaging, I think it is quite garish and not really my thing, perhaps I will keep it in my bedside draw to use as part of my night-time regime.

Color Club | Glossy Seal | $8
This is a New York brand and they made this shade especially for Glossy Box to pop into their July Box! It is a really lovely dark teal shade mixed with a blueberry blue, a very nice colour for summery nails. I think that I will probably only use this one on my toes, I only tend to wear pinks, reds and nudes on my finger nails, but will look great with sandals and flip-flops. It has a really nice thick lid which is great to hold to ensure a steady application, plus the brush is thin but long which will aid in creating a precise finish with even colour.   

Pur Minerals | Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque | £18
I love a good pamper night and you can't have a pamper night without a face masque! I really like the clay ones as well because I have a fairly oily T-zone and so mud masques to dry out my skin without taking out all of the moisture. This one by Pur Minerals is detoxifying and because it is a miniature I'm going to save it to take away with me on holiday so that I can have a pamper night while I'm away.
Swatches - Eyeshadow Primer | Lipstick
So, all in all it was a pretty good box for me this month. I genuinely think I will use all of the products that I have been given, even the Carmex!
What did you think to July's Gloss Box? Did you enjoy the America theme?
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