I've been wanting to try Superdrug's makeup brand, B. for quite some time now and so when I received an e-mail the other day informing me that there was a half price offer across the whole range, I decided to pop in store before work. I only had a quick few minutes before the start of my shift so I opted for one of their Rich Intense Colour Lipsticks and chose the shade, Toffee. I wanted a new 'everyday' lipstick. I usually wear Mac's Brave (see full review here) as my day to day lipstick as it is neutral enough to wear at work and during the day. However, now that the sun is coming out and the bronzer is going on a lot more I felt like I needed a soft colour with hints of brown and gold, as I find Brave, with it's pink and blue undertones, suits a more pale skin-tone.
It is a really soft lipstick, I wouldn't consider it a hydrating one, but it definitely isn't drying on the lips. I suffer quite bad from dry lips and often pop on a dap of lip balm before I apply any lip product and this was no exception. It actually helped with the application if I'm completely honest because they're really not lying when they say it is a Rich Intense Colour lipstick! Using the balm before hand helped to water-down the lip colour if you know what I mean, and ensured that there wasn't too much product on my lips. The pigmentation is amazing and so if you like a bold colour this lipstick range is definitely for you. Personally I prefer a little less product to give a more subtle appearance. So even though I love the brown/gold colour, to put it on with out the balm to soften the intensity, would be a little too much colour for my liking
I have found this lipstick to be very long wearing as I still had hints of it remaining once I had eaten breakfast and had a whole pot of tea. That is also with my light application so god only knows how long it would last with a full application of colour! I really like the packaging too, although it took me a while to understand how to keep the lid from falling off! (You have to push it right in until it clicks, otherwise it just keeps sliding right off!) Although I do prefer a smarter finish, lets think Mac's bullet-type casing, I like the simplicity of the grey and silver, really making the colour of the products stand out.

Overall, even though I'm not the biggest fan of the intensity of the colour, I'm not too disappointed because I would probably wear it with lip balm anyway, which discourages there to be too much product on the lips. I think it will definitely become one of my summer lip products as it really does suit a tanned face, and makes your teeth look lovely and white!
What B. products have you tried from Superdrug? What is your summer lipstick colour?
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