This week I took a well deserved break and went to Centre Parcs with the family. I have been working so much over the past few months and it was lovely to have something fun and exciting to look forward to. I have been to Centre Parcs a few times now and always have such a wonderful break while I'm there. For those of you who don't know Centre Parcs is basically a holiday complex in five different locations around the UK. We went to Whinfell Forest which is very close to the Lake District. What I love about Centre Parcs is that they revolve around nature and preserving the natural world. So every guest stays in a wooden cabin within the forest and so nature is right on your door step, literally! The only mode of transport is to either walk or bike as cars are only permitted when loading or unpacking luggage and you can either stay Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday. In amongst the cabins is the Village Centre which plays host to a few restaurants, shops and the swimming pool. There is also a Sports Centre in which you can sign up for a huge range of indoor and outdoor sports and nature activities which support the needs and interests of everyone!
I had a wonderful time away just going for walks, venturing over to the pool and eating loads of nice food! Me and my mum had a day pass to the Aqua Sana, the on-site spa, which gave access to about ten different pool, sauna and steam rooms. On the Wednesday there was a fantastic fireworks display to celebrate Bonfire Night and a pub quiz, which was so hard! We also had a couple of games of short tennis and badminton as well as a round of mini golf. The target archery was probably my favourite activity ( after the spa of course ) and I whooped my dad, brother and James - girl power! So really this post was just to show you what I've been up to this last week and to let you have a nosey through some of my holiday photos.

The first night, settling in with a glass of bubbles to get the week started.

The view from my bedroom window, it was so lovely being so close to nature with no roads or noise.

A log fire every night, it was so cosy.

There was a little bird hide hut with observation windows so that you could watch the birds eating.

Starbucks brought out their red cups while I was there so I had my first one of the season.

 The Christmas festivities were being put up and although it was for kids I couldn't resist!

Went through the cutest little winter walkway.

Sign post to Santa's grotto, the post room ect.

A reindeer, they are so small in real life!

A little Narnia Lamp Post.

They had these wonderful lit reindeer all over the place.

And all of the walkways were lit up, it was so pretty.

I didn't quite understand the Christmas link but these toadstool were so cute!

This is just a little picture from across the lake of the Village Centre and the swimming pool.
It was so nice to have a break at this time of year after the excitement of summer but before the busy build up to Christmas. It was also really lovely going away with my parents and brother because since I've moved out I don't get to see them as half as much as I used to.
Have you been away to Centre Parcs before? Are you taking any winter Breaks?

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