I know that Halloween has been and gone but I thought I would write a post about what I dressed up as, both to provide inspiration for future dress-up ideas and to let you have a little nosey into my Halloween this year. I am a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas which is a wonderful Christmas film, one that I watch multiple times during the build up to our festive season. It is about the Halloween Pumpkin King Jack, who grows tired of his routine and decides that he and his fellow Halloween ers' will take over Christmas. I opted to go as Sally, Jack's love interest, a mad scientist's creation who is completely patch-worked. Initially I was going to buy an outfit, I saw one for sale in Wilkinson's for £30, which I thought was a bit pricy so I decided to make my own.

What I Used:
Two meters of beige fabric, Half a meter of dusty pink and half a meter of teal fabric - All from Boyes totalling £8.45
10 pack of assorted permanent markers - Pound World £1
Sewing machine - Which I already had
Stripy Socks - Borrowed from a friend
Black Ankle Boots - Sainsbury's £25 which I already had
Black Liquid Liner - Unbranded from Savers £1
Red Lipstick - Unbranded from Savers £1

I bought two meters of beige material to act as the main bulk of my dress, and then half a meter of the teal and dusty pink. Sally's dress shape is pretty simple so I used one of my baggy strappy tops as a template and just extended it down. Then I went online and found some great full length pictures to copy the pattern of the different patchwork pieces. Once it was all cut to shape, pinned and then sewn on, I used  the different coloured permanent markers to draw on the fabric's patterns. This saved me so much time rather than sewing and applique-ing each different piece of material she has on her original dress. 


After trying it on and making sure it fit, I sewed up the two edges of the dress. I then went on to make little caped sleeves and cut out triangles of the bottom of the dress to give it a raggy trim. I teemed up the dress with a pair of little black ankle boots and some blue and black stripy socks. ( her socks are actually black and white but I didn't have any of those )

Once the dress was made all I had to focus on was the make up. I decided to do pretty natural make up which focused  on my eyes to make them darker and to stand out. I then used a very cheap liquid liner ( that actually worked unbelievably well ) to draw Sally's stiches. I referred back to my online pictures and drew the scars on my forehead, cheekbone, smile, neck, arms and legs, finishing off with a bright red lip, ( again another very cheap purchase with another very good result! ) I then just straightened my hair and gave myself a centre parting.

The boy ended up going as Jack the Pumpkin King when he decides to be Santa so he wore a Santa outfit teamed up with black and white face paint and his own little pot of liquid liner to create his smile and the cracks in his hands.
We stayed at a friend's house and had a great night out in with lots of drinking and lots of crazy Halloween outfits!

What do you think of my homemade Sally costume? What did you do this Halloween?

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