I was so happy to receive Lush's Snow Fairy gift set for Christmas this year. I have not really explored many Lush products, but I have always been a huge fan of their bath bombs. Since writing my blog though, I have found that I stumble across loads of beauty products that I wouldn't normally have seen or heard of. I have read so much hype about Snow Fairy, Lush's Christmas limited edition shower gel that can only be purchased in the few weeks leading up to the big day. As I understand it has been a beauty blogger staple for the last couple of years and so I decided to pop this little gift set on my Christmas list to see what all of the fuss was about.

I appreciate that many of you reading this will be thinking, 'jeeze, she calls herself a beauty blogger and she has never even tried X, Y and Z...' but the truth is I have never really been able to justify buying high end beauty products before now. I went straight to university after finishing my A-Levels and even though I got a job when I graduated it was not full time hours and I was determined to pay back my student loan as soon as possible. I have always been a huge fan of all things beauty but it is only recently that I have had enough disposable income to be able to treat myself to various products I have only previously lusted after. I know however, that this Snow Fairy gift set was a present for Christmas, but it was something that I wouldn't have bought for myself that I was dying to try out. 

First and foremost, I just want to mention the packaging! The products came in such a lovely cardboard box that was covered in little cartoon drawings of fairies and stars, with a bright pink and green colour scheme. It is so pretty and girly that I will definitely be re-using it as some sort of make-up or beauty storage. It was wrapped like a little present, tied with a purple bow and the what-would-be gift tag was a description of what was inside. The first thing you come across is a little booklet with the full range of Lush products and their descriptions which was nice to have a little read and a nosey of. The products were packaged with little polystyrene squares, I guess to protect everything from banging into each other. However, I do have a small, little twinge of annoyance about this... Both The Godmother Soap and the Magic Wand were not individually packaged (the Snow Fairy Sparkle was wrapped in a plastic wrapping and obviously the Snow Fairy was in a bottle) and so when I initially took the products out of the box, all of the polystyrene squares were stuck to them which is why in the pictures below they look a little discoloured. Don't get me wrong, this has not effected the products themselves in the slightest, and it is probably just me being a little OCD, but I couldn't help being a little disappointed when someone has paid £22.50 for it. On a lighter note, the products themselves have been lovely and I cannot fault Lush for that.

Snow Fairy - Sprinkle a little fairy dust into your day with this candy-scented sparkling shower gel.

This limited edition shower gel really does live up to expectations. It has a wonderfully sweet sugary smell, not too dissimilar to that of a stick of rock. It has a lovely gloopy consistency, and so I found that I only need a small amount on a scrunchy and it really froths up. I have also been using it as a bubble bath because it is so frothy, and it makes the whole bathroom smell wonderful. I only have 100g in this little bottle but it will hopefully last me a while - I will definitely be re-purchasing come Christmas!

Snow Fairy Sparkle - Stroke fairy dust onto your skin with this sweetly-scented sparkling softening massage bar

I am yet to use this product but I am excited to try it. It is a massage bar and I believe I am right in saying that it is a bit like a soap but made with body butter. In this sense it is as though this is a solid moisturiser that you rub straight on to your skin and do not wash off. I am not too sure what to expect but I shall be sure to feed back once I have given it a go!

 Magic Wand - Wave a magic wand over bath time with this candy sweet re-usable bubble bar

Now this one, I really like! Not only is the design of the product itself really cute, with the big, bright pink star being attached to a stick with ribbons and a bell - the perfect girly magic wand, the theme also continues in the way in which you use it which is wholly unique and cleaver too. The idea is that you swirl the wand around your bath (in a wingardium leviosa-ish way) to the smell, amount of bubbles and shocking pink-ness of your choosing. Once you have used enough you leave it to dry until next time. As I said before, it didn't come in its own packaging so I have been keeping it in a re-usable sandwich bag!! I have found that it works a little better if you hold the star under the tap while it is running, but either way the effect is a pink, sweet smelling bath.

The Godmother Soap - For fans of Snow Fairy who crave its magical cent every day of the year

I am yet to use this product as well, but as it reads in the description above, it really does smell like Snow fairy. I think I will keep this as a bath time treat rather than as a hand soap and use it on my arms and legs too give my body an extra boost of Snow Fairy smell.
Four great Lush products in a gorgeous little box, what more could you want out of a Christmas present. I am so happy with the products that I have tried so far that I will definitely be branching out and trying more Lush products in the near future.
What are your favourite Lush products?