Ooooo, I do love me a good blusher. I never feel like my make up is quite finished until I have applied some, like putting icing on a cake! I always feel like you can have the smoothest base with the most flawless of foundations, and killer cheek bones and warm glow with a great bronzer, but a little flush of blush provides a little pop of colour on your cheeks that provides a healthy glow and really finishes of the look. Since I am such a huge fan of a little pot or two of blusher, I thought it only right to write a post of my current top five blush products.
Benefit's Hervana | The Every Day One | Link
Hervana is my staple, go to blusher. I have been using it for about two years now and have only just opened my second one! If you often read my blog then you will know that I am a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics and that quite a few of my make up must-haves are Benefit products. I just think that they are such high quality and so long lasting that although it is a bit of a blow to the purse-strings when you initially fork out for it, it is a definite long-term investment. Hervana is a great blusher which is highly suited to my skin tone. The pale pinks, lavender purples and highlighter-type pink-y hues which swirled together with a blusher brush provide a very natural soft pink flush on the skin. It gives defined colour to the cheeks without a shocking army-type camouflage stripe. There is a brush provided within the gorgeous little box that the blusher is packaged in, but I opt for a fuller blusher brush for less precise application to provide a more natural blend.

No.7 Cream Blush in Mango Sorbet | The Summer One | Link
I usually opt for a powder blush as I find that they blend better into the rest of my make up and it so much easier to build up without going too ott. However, I picked up this little number in about July/August time for a summery alternative to my usually pink blush. This is a really nice peachy coral colour which works really well with a slightly more tanned look. Because of the design of the product being shaped much like a glue stick, it is really easy to achieve precise application. It is quite pigmented so you only need a very gentle sweep over the cheeks which can then be blended out using a blusher brush. Alternatively I have found that using a blusher brush to work the product on to the cheeks, rather than applying the product directly on to your skin, works really well for a completely natural flush of colour. The downside to this type of application is that it is quite time consuming so I usually save this method when I have slightly longer to get ready.

Top Shop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels | The Tanned Skin One | Link

I haven't used this blusher too much as I bought it in November intending it to be a summer cream blush and I can tell it will be a huge favourite. It is such a lovely colour which looks quite striking in its case but when applied on to the skin it is quite a soft rose-y shade. It is extremely light on the skin, not claggy like a lot of other cream blushers I have used, and it is so easy to blend in to my other make up. I prefer to apply this  product with a foundation bush as opposed to a blusher brush as I find it blends and goes on to the skin much smoother. I intend to save this until my skin is slightly more tanned in the summer months. I have written about it in a previous post if you wanted to read more about it here.

Benefit's Bella Bamba | The Night Time One | Link

Bella Bamba I am afraid to say is a product that is now discontinued. You will struggle to find it in store and I believe they are still selling it online but once it has gone, it really has gone. I was lucky enough to be given one while I was working for Benefit last year, although I do have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. It is a wonderful deep girly pink shade which is highly pigmented. The problem I find is that it is very easy to apply too much, and not so easy to then remove. So, after much trial and error I have learnt the right amount to apply for me and my skin tone. I usually save this blusher for nights out because it has quite a high shimmer content. I really enjoy having a natural look to my make up, even more so during the day, which is why I stick to my trusty Hervana. On nights out however, there is a little leeway for a more glitzy look and so the shimmer and boldness of Bella Bamba looks right at home.

Sleek Bronze Block in Light | The I Haven't Got Much Time One | Link
I really love this bronze block, and although I know it says 'bronze' in the title, I do actually use it as more of an 'one I can use all over' type of product, including as a blusher. It has four different shades that when swirled together make a beautiful soft pink-y brown. I find that on days when I am at work or don't have too much time to apply my make up, or I am not putting on a full face, just a small amount of BB cream and mascara, then this is my go to product. Like I said, I adore the colour that is created when all of the shades are mixed together, which acts as a great all rounder to give a bit of colour to my face if I dust it lightly over my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin area. What I also like though is that you can use the colours separately so it is great for on the go to pop in your bag, it also has a little mirror, what more could you want from a cheek pallet! I have already written a full review here, if you would like to read some more about it.
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Benefit's Hervana, Benefit's Bella Bamba, Sleek Bronze Block, No.7 Cream Blush, Topshop Cream Blush
What are your favourite blush products to use?