Nars is a brand that I have lusted after for months but I have never gone and actually bought anything by them. For Christmas the boy bought me their Sheer Glow Foundation (which I love!) and so I popped to John Lewis a few days after to get a colour match an double check that he had picked out the right shade for me. Big boyfriend points to him it turns out, as he had bought my exact shade - thanks bud! Expect to see a review soon! While I was there, John Lewis had a brand match offer on Nars products which meant that for that day Nars had 10% off everything. I had had my eye on their Satin Lip Pencil range, and the 10% offer combined with Christmas money in my purse of course meant that I couldn't not pick one up. 
These pencils have a wonderful soft texture which provide a very smooth application with just the right amount of colour. I settled on the shade Rikugien, a gorgeous soft rose which isn't too dis-similar to my natural lip colour. I wanted a shade that I could wear everyday and therefore opted for one with natural tones. When worn with my Hervana blusher it really draws out the natural flush creating a very 'English Rose' type look. You can read more about my favourite blushers here which had a bit more of an in-depth look at Hervana.
It is so easy to apply. Shaped like a pencil, you literally draw on the lip product. It means that you can apply the exact amount of product, colour and very precisely. It has the typical Nars look to it with the sleek black packaging and the very sophisticated simple lettering of the word Nars on the side. I really like the fact that the end of the pencil is also the colour of the product it's self, again adding to the sleek-ness of the design.
This is a huge winner in  my eyes and I have worn it everyday - with multiple applications - since I have bought it and it has hardly been worn down out all. It will hopefully last a really long time and I definitely think it is worth the price tag.
What do you think of Nars Satin Lip Pencils? What's you're favourite Nars product?