I have used a brush to apply my foundation for quite a few years now. I love the application and how it provides a really smooth finish to my make up. I used to always use my finger tips but not only was it a pain to have to disrupt my make up routine to run to the bathroom and wash my hands, I also realised that I was wasting money in washing excess product down the skin. I thought that it was probably a lot more hygienic to use a make up brush as any bacteria on my hands was being directly applied to my face, and any grease on my fingers would surely promote excess oils on my skin. So, not only did the change to apply my foundation with a brush save me money and diminish skin care issues, it also provides me with a more flawless finish to my make up.
I have always opted for the flat paddle foundation brush (is that even what it is referred as?) just because it was the first type that I had used and since I had come across no problems using it I continued to re-purchase. I have always known that to 'buffer' in your foundation would create a more air-brushed finish to your make up but I have always been happy with the results of my other brushs and never really gave it a second thought.
Hidden under my Christmas tree was a little black box from the boy containing a little pot of Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I had read many a review about this bad boy (review coming soon - promise!) and it seemed that using a buffer brush was a universal must have to accompany this beautiful foundation. My first few applications were with a flat paddle brush of mine, and although I was really happy with the results, there was a little niggle inside of me that really wanted to see what it would be like with a buffered finish.
I picked up this Real Techniques Expert Face Brush from Boots for £9.99 and was really impressed with the results. This brush works like a dream with the Sheer Glow foundation. It has a really wide and flat head with ultra soft bristles. I apply two pumps of foundation to the back of my hand and bit by bit work it in to the skin using circular motions. The brush has a long handle with a the perfect amount of weight for ease of control. I can really tell the difference in the finish of my foundation after using this brush. My skin really does look flawless and I find that I hardly use and concealer as the brush really helps to work the product to create a very even toned and blemish free finish.
I am so glad that I bought this brush as it is a tool that really compliments my Sheer Glow foundation. I have had my eye on the Real Techniques eye brushes and would love to try them out, I think they maybe be hopping into my shopping basket sometime soon!
How do you like to apply your foundation?