My previous post was the best 14 make up products of 2014 (which you can read here) and so I thought it would be only right to do another 'Best of 2014' post based on hair, body and skin care. I have come across so many wonderful products over the past twelve months and this post includes those that have really stood out for me and that I wouldn't hesitate to re-purchase. I have tried to cover most areas and picked the best product that I have used within each department. I have done a couple of full reviews on some of these products and have provided links in such instances.

The Shampoo - My favourite shampoo product this past year has to be Batiste Dry Shampoo in original. I know this isn't a 'proper' shampoo but it is something that has really blown me away. I have used a number of dry shampoos over the years but strangely enough, I have never picked up a tin of this until this summer just gone. I have been trying not to wash my hair too much over the last few months in an attempt to give back some of it's natural oils which are usually stripped away by excess washing. This stuff is ideal and really gives my hair an extra boost when it is looking a little worse for wear. I have found that I need very little product when using this particular dry shampoo, and find that my hair is still completely manageable when I have used it.
The Conditioner - Garnier Ultimate Blends range has previously featured on my blog in my July favourites post which is here. Although The Silky Smoother I have found is a little more compatible with my hair type than The Moroccan Oil blend. This one contains vanilla milk and papaya extracts, so not only is it silky smooth for my dry ends, it also smells amazing, think the inside of an orange chocolate in a box of Quality Street! It is so nourishing and you really only need a small amount to cover the ends of your hair.

The Moisturiser - I was bought Soap and Glory's Butter Yourself for Christmas 2013 and fell in love instantly. I have used their iconic body butter for years but this was the first moisturiser I have used. It has the typical (and amazing) Soap and Glory scent which glides on and soaks into the skin so easily. It has a pump, which I always prefer, so that you can dispense the amount that you need. Plus you don't get the bottle all greasy if you need a bit of extra product! I tend to use this mainly on my upper and lower legs and only on my arms if I apply it on a morning. I tend to moisturise before getting into bed, but if I need a little extra moisture on a morning, I will opt for this one because it soaks in so quickly you don't have to wait too long to get dressed! 

The Body Butter - Ooo, I do love me a good body butter! I discovered the brilliance of The Body Shop's Papaya Body Butter this year and I will be re-purchasing for sure when I run out. I have already written a full post about it here and it also featured in my July Favourites post which is here if you would like to read more, but a quick overview would be that it is an incredibly rich and intense butter that is very hydrating for the skin. It has a wonderfully fresh scent that is almost good enough to eat and I use it mainly on my arms, chest and neck area when I want to treat and rejuvenate my skin.

The Facial Moisturiser - I stumbled across this little gem after reading Bird's Words blog post about her daily skin care routine. I would really recommend heading over if you haven't had a read before, it is a wonderful blog with really interesting and informative posts. Since she raved about this moisturiser so much I went ahead and bought, from Superdrug's tea Tree range, the Daily Facial Moisturiser. It is a fantastic moisturiser which soaks into the skin so quickly whilst delivering instant hydration. I have been using it for about 3-4 months now and it actually featured on my October Favourites post which you can read here. It works really well with my skin and the tea tree extracts really help to keep spots at bay.

The Night Cream - During the summer Boots were handing out vouchers that were £3 off any No.7 Make Up and £5 off any No.7 Skincare. I really needed a new night cream and so I thought that I may as well use this voucher and try a No.7 one. They have quite a wide skincare range, with each product specifically designed for different purposes, whether it be age, dryness or oiliness. I opted for the No.7 Essential Moisture which seemed to be their most neutral, as I didn't require anti-aging or intense hydration. I am really happy with it as it provides a little extra moisture for the skin but doesn't feel like I've got a really heavy cream on.

The Eye Cream - I love Benefit skincare but their eye cream is really lovely. It's Potent contains coco butter which helps to combat dark circles under the eyes. It reduces puffiness and really hydrates tired looking eyes. It isn't the cheapest of eye creams but you only need to use the smallest amount to achieve quite a difference.

The Body Scrub -  One of my all time favourites is Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush body scrub, I love it! However, I have been using it long before 2014 and so in this post I thought I would show the runner up, which I suppose is technically the best one I have come across this past year! It is from the Boots Extracts range and is the Mango Sugar Scrub. It is in a big screw top tub with fine grains and a gorgeous scent of fresh mango. It scrubs like a dream which then dissolves to leave a thin film over the body which gives the skin a soft and glowing feel. 

The Bath Product - If you read my blog regularly than I don't suppose that it is much of a surprise that Soap and Glory's Calm One Calm All is included in my Best Of 2014 Hair, Body and Skin Care post. This bath time favourite of mine has featured heavily on my blog over the past few months as I simply cannot get enough. There is a full review here and it also made it on to my October monthly favourites post here. It is a lovely bubble bath that contains moisturiser which soaks into the skin while you bathe, a great two in one purchase.

The Foot Product - The Body Shop's Peppermint Foot Lotion is a wonderful little foot moisturiser. A downside to it is that it does seem to take a while to soak into the feet. I usually apply it once I am out of the bath and then I put on some of those little socks that help to keep the moisture locked in, whilst I moisturise the rest of my body. By the time my body is done the peppermint lotion has soaked in and is ready for me to apply polish to my toe nails.

The Hand Product - As you can probably tell, I love Soap and Glory products, (although who doesn't?!) and Hand Food is no exception. It is a really nice and intense lotion but it doesn't take too long to soak in and it has the famous Soap and Glory Scent. I prefer to buy the miniature versions of this so that I can keep it in my handbag and pop it on whilst I am on the go.

The Face Wash - I have written a full review of Benefit's Foamingly Clean Facial Wash here and it also featured in my July Favourites post which is here if you would like to read a bit more about it. Face Wash isn't usually something that I would normally spend a great deal of money on, mainly because it only stays on your face for a min or two before you rinse it off. However, I bought the Benefit's miniature skincare set for me to take away on holiday which included one of these. It was so lovely and cleansing and you only need a very small amount for it to foam up enough to clean your whole face. My skin feels really clean and soft after using this and I would really recommend it.

The Perfume - When I left my job at Boots this August, I was given a farewell beauty hamper from all of my lovely colleagues. Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume was in this gift set and has become my go to scent. It has a bit of a tangy smell, which at first I wasn't entirely sure of as I usually opt for a slightly sweeter scent. I love the bottle as well, it looks so pretty on my dressing table!

The Fake Tan Product - I was practically living off Dove's Summer Glow in medium to dark this summer. It provides such a lovely natural tan with just one coat, a tan that just gets deeper (not orange) with the more coats applied. It also doubles up as a great moisturiser when being used daily or every other day. I have not only used it a lot during the summer months but also through out winter, to give my skin an extra glow, rather than opting for the pasty look.  

What are you 2014 hair, body and skin care favourites?