I love putting together my monthly favourites posts but I always find it so difficult and end up walking around my room for about fifteen minuets before trying to decide what I have really enjoyed that month. It became an even harder task therefore, when I was trying to decide what the best make up products of the whole year had been! I decided to pick my top fourteen products (see what I did there) and I have got some real gems. You'll have to bare with me as a lot of the products are by Benefit, so forgive the lack of variety. I have always loved Benefit make up but after working for them for almost a year I was very lucky to be given a quite a few of the products which have become my staples! However, now they have me hooked and because I no longer work for them, my bank account does cry a little every time I need a replacement!

The Primer - Of course it could be no other than Benefit's Porefessional! This is a great little beauty product and it was such a huge hit this past year with the whole creation of Pore O'clock and the Spy Gals. It is a primer that dramatically decreases the appearance of open pores and fine lines. It has an extremely silky finish that is matt which acts as a great base for your foundation and helps to keep your make up in tact. I didn't get on with this product straight away as it didn't seem to get on with my skin. However, I found that for me, it works really well as an eye primer because my skin tends to be on the more oily side, but it really helps with keeping eyeshadow and eye concealer in place.
The Foundation - Another Benefit staple, their Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation. I have used this for about three years now, so although it wasn't new to me in 2014, it is still in the top fourteen make up products that I have used this year. Although this may change in my 2015 Favourites as I was given a Nars Sheer Glow Foundation for Christmas of which I have high hopes! For now though, this product really does live up to its name of flawless. It gives a perfect dewy finish with light to medium cover but is buildable yet light-weight on the skin. It stays put all day but hardly feels like you have any make up on which is perfect for me.

The Powder - I could lie and say that I use a really high end powder, but the truth is, I wear a £1.99 Natural Collection Translucent Loose Powder. I have used this for years and it is still my favourite! To me, powder is powder, and because I am not wanting it to minimise pores or add extra coverage I literally just want it to take away some of the shine, I think, why bother spending more than I need to. Plus, my foundation costs me £26.50 a pop so I can't really justify spending huge amounts of money on my powder too!
The Concealer - It has to be the industrial strength concealer that is Benefit's Boi-ing. This little thing is such a life saver. I use it practically every day. It is great for little blemishes, spots or those annoying red marks where spots used to be that just will not go away! It is so easily blend-able and is also anti-bacterial and so it doesn't irritate or make skin issues worse. It isn't greasy at all and because the coverage is so good, I have often just popped a bit of this on with some powder if I was just nipping to the shops or something.
The Under-Eye Concealer - I do have a separate concealer for under my eyes as I tend to have quite dark circles and like to brighten up my eye area a bit more. Benefit's Erase Paste is perfect for this. It comes in a tiny little pot but you honestly need hardly any at all, this stuff lasts forever! It is quite a daunting colour as it is quite a dark pink-y orange, but fear not, it blends so easily in your foundation and combats the dark circles which gives the under-eye area a lovely radiant glow.

The Eye Shadow - Another Benefit staple of mine is the Big Beautiful Eyes eye shadow pallet. I absolutely love this product and have used it pretty much everyday throughout 2014. Benefit eye shadows are so long wearing and highly pigmented so you only need a very small amount to cover the eye lid. What I like most about this particular pallet is that it is so universal. There are three shades in total, one velvety pink, one deep pink-y purple, both of which have a slight shimmer, and the final a very dark brown. These shades are perfect for a natural everyday look but are buildable and can easily create an evening look.
The Brow Product - I was never much of a brow product kinda' gal but when I started working for Benefit Cosmetics I was shown how much of a difference just popping a little bit of product on your eye brows can make to the overall appearance of your face. I use Benefit's Brow-Zings in Medium. Even though my brows are very dark I am quite lucky in terms of shape so I use the product mainly to fill in the gaps between the hairs. This is a great product and I have been using it everyday since March and you can tell from the picture I have only made a small impression on the product.

The Eye-Liner - Benefit have done it yet again and created another perfect product. I have to be honest in saying that I wasn't instantly taken by this product. Initially I found the They're Real Push Up Gel Liner tricky to use and not as smooth to apply as my previous liners. I continued to use it however and it was almost as though something clicked over night and I seemed to suddenly be able to manipulate it in a way that suited me. I am a big fan of the flicked liner look and this product very easily achieves this with very long wear and no smudging. 
The Under-Eye Liner - Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner is the best 'pencil' liner that I have used this past year. I won't talk about it too much as I have already written a full review here. It is a smooth liner that is a deep brown with undertones of violet, giving a very natural finish which is very long lasting.

The Mascara - It couldn't be anything other than They're Real. It is a make up staple within the beauty world and I am sure it will feature on a lot of beauty bloggers top products of 2014 posts. It is the perfect mascara to provide excellent definition and great length of lashes. It has a plastic brush which easily separates lashes to create a very full look and because it is flexible it ensures that the product covers right from the root. It is fair to say that this is the greatest mascara that I have ever come across.

The Bronzer - This is the last Benefit product on my 2014 The Best of Make Up post, I warned you there was quite a few! Hoola bronzer is a huge favourite of mine and since having it I haven't had a day without using it. It is the perfect bronzer in my eyes as it is so easily blended, with a matte, natural finish that makes you look sun-kissed.
The Highlighter - My favourite highlighter this year has been No.7 Instant Radiant Highlighter. It is very similar in colour to Benefit's High Beam but is so much easier to apply. It is a stick, not too dissimilar to a tube of glue, which easily glides on to desired areas with little to no blending required.

The Lipstick - I bow down to Mac for providing the best lipstick this year. Again, I have already written a full review of Brave here if you would like to read more about it. It is a creamy satin finish that is slightly on the matte side, but is highly pigmented with a natural pink-y rose colour. A complete winner in my eyes!
The Lip Balm - Classic Carmex has been my go to lip balm over the last few months and I really feel like it has improved the quality of my lips. It is so hydrating and you only need a very thin layer to banish any dryness. It works really well on its own or underneath lip products.

This is a look I have created using all of the products listed above. I know it may seem quite a lot of products but because I only used such small amounts of each, I like to think that it is still quite a natural look.
Are any of my 2014 make up favourites the same as yours? What products are included in your best of 2014 posts? Send me your links!