Everything you could possibly need to create a perfect make up look, minus the base and skincare...
For so long now I have lusted after the Urban Decay Naked eye shadow pallets and I had planned to buy one of them with my Christmas spending money. However, as soon as I saw this limited edition On The Run box set I decided that not only would this be better for my buck, as it has a wide range of Urban Decay products to try out, but it would be great for me to take for weekends away or when I go and stay at my parents house.
Lets begin by discussing the packaging. Urban Decay have really hit the nail on the head with their on trend rose gold casing. The lid has a mucky tiger-stripe pattern with matching rose gold writing which says Naked On The Run. It is a very firm and sturdy box which has a definite snap when opened and closed giving you the satisfaction that the products are safely held inside. The box itself is quite bulky and heavy, however because the casing inside contains a full size mirror, when travelling you can put aside the heaviness of the product as you won't need to pack a mirror to apply a full face of make up. The eye shadows, bronzer, highlighter and blusher are all set into the casing, and then there are individual compartments for the eye liner, mascara and lip gloss, again all rose gold in colour, and again giving the feel that everything will be kept nicely intact whilst on the go or travelling.

What intrigued me most about this limited edition beauty product, is the fact that it contains all of your basic make up needs, minus skincare and your base. Anything else that you could want for a basic face-full is contained in this beautifully presented box of loveliness! From the top down there is the Urban Decay Perversion Bigger Blacker Badder mascara. I haven't actually opened this yet as I am going to save it for when I take the One The Go away with me, but I have read some great reviews about it and have high hopes that it will be brilliant. Next is the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade Stag which is a perfectly smudge-able brown/black coal liner that will work wonders at accentuating the eyes by applying around the lash line. Third down is a full size Ultra Nourishing Gloss in the shade Sesso which is a very natural brown/pink/nude. It is an extreme gloss which I don't usually like, however it isn't sticky at all. It is great to wear on its own or over the top of a nice natural lipstick to add a hit of high-end gloss. There are five eye shadows which are called Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare and Stun. These five are fantastically natural shades, very similar to the Naked eye shadow pallets, three of which have a slight shimmer and two of which are matte. This is great as it means that both night and day looks can be easily created and transformed, all with the use of one box set. I would also go as far to say that the shade Dare would also act as a great brow filler which is another plus for me, as it means that it will be one less beauty product to pack when I go away. The second to last segment is a bronzer and a blusher. The bronzer does look quite orange in the casing, however once applied to the skin it is much softer and lighter and easy to blend. The blush is a spot on shade for me as I usually opt for soft pinks such asBenefit's Hervana. The last piece of the box set is a highlighter/eye shadow called 50/50, I guess because it is a product with two different uses? It is a lovely light dusky pink with a soft and subtle shimmer which works wonders on the cheek bones.

Swatches run from left to right; Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun, 50/50, Bronzer, Blusher
I honestly can't rave about this product enough, and even though I had to fork out £37 for it, I truly believe it is worth the price tag. The full size Lip Gloss would cost £14 on its own and so the rest of the box only sets you back £23. So to break it down you get a mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, five eye shadows, a bronzer, a blusher, a highlighter and a brow powder inside a beautiful case, with a very reasonably sized mirror that can all fit easily into your over night bag. It is such a good buy in my eyes, and where else could you buy seven other high-end beauty products for just £23!!
What are your thoughts about Urban Decay's Naked On The Run Set? What key products do you always take away with you?