Could this foundation be more perfect? I don't think so...
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My most favourite product this year to date has to be the Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I had spent a good few months during the build up to Christmas lusting after this cult beauty product, leaving a trail of hints in my wake. I was lucky enough to have woken up on Christmas morning to unwrap this little guy. I was so surprised because I had already opened a huge pile of wonderful presents (which you can read more about in my What I Got For Christmas post) and then when I thought it was all over, the boy handed me my final present!
It is clear to see why this foundation has been raved about by beauty bloggers across the world, it really is truly impressive. I bought a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (read full review here) specifically to apply this product, and I can honestly say, my skin has never looked so perfect. It is a really lightweight formula which is extremely satin-like when it is first popped on to the back of your hand. It really helps to even out the skin tone to create a very flawless finish, so much so that the only concealer I need to apply is under my eyes. I usually find that no matter the foundation, I also need to cover up imperfections in the odd place across my face. With Sheer Glow however, because it is such a lightweight but buildable formula, minor imperfections are instantly covered and forgotten about.
I really feel that Sheer Glow provides a highly natural finish and I barely feel as though I have anything on my skin. It actually claims that the brightening formula is extremely hydrating for the skin and that if it is used daily "your skin's texture improves over time, becoming softer, smoother and more luminous." I haven't used this product day after day but I do feel like my skin has improved, almost as though this foundation doesn't clog up my pores and allows my skin to breathe.
The boy bought me the shade Medium2 Santa Fe and when I went to the counter after Christmas to get a colour match it was spot on, what a good lad! It is a slightly warmer shade then I am used to applying, as I tend to opt for the cooler pink-y tones as opposed to the slightly warmer yellow tones when picking a foundation. However, I feel it adds a much needed warmth to my skin tone during these winter months, and I believe it'll still suit my skin during the warmer months when my skin will be a little darker.
The one gripe I do have with Nars and their Sheer Glow foundation is that a foundation pump is not provided. I had to buy it online as none of the shops near me had any in stock, then once I had ordered it, although it only cost me £3 the postage for orders under £50 was £7!! So a £3 pump actually cost me £10! This was for standard delivery, so although I wasn't expecting it the next day, it still took ten days to arrive!! Once it finally arrived and I popped it on to the bottle, the lid wouldn't then fit back on! So a £30 foundation became a £40 foundation that looks extremely messy! I understand that not many people would be as fussed as I was about buying a pump, and I also know that those that have bought a pump, will probably not be as anal as I am about the lid not fitting back on. I just feel that having bought a beautifully packaged foundation bottle that looks highly sophisticated with the glass bottle and back thick black lid, it is slightly annoying that the lid is redundant and the bottle doesn't look as nice on display - but that's just me I guess!
Rant aside, I rate this product very high and would really recommend anyone to purchase a bottle of their own. It is so good and I know that I will definitely be re-purchasing once I have run out. Some may say that a downside to this foundation is the price, however I think that it truly is worth the price tag if you are wanting a perfect base.
Have you tried the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation yet? What is your favourite Nars product?