A Day Off Work | How I Like To Spend A Leisurely Morning

Working full time, whatever your job might be, can be extremely tiring and sometimes a day to relax is just what our bodies need to recuperate and get our energy levels back up. Currently I am working as a waitress in a National Trust property and love to spend some time on my days off just having a bit of a leisurely morning to myself. So I thought I would write a bit of a lifestyle post about how I like to spend the morning of a day off work if I have the house to myself.  

I like to have time so that I can wake up with out an alarm, make myself a cup of tea and slowly wake up to the day.

I then usually like to give the whole house a quick tidy and clear up just so that it is nice and one less thing to worry about later on in the day.

I then tend to climb back up the stairs to make my bed, decide what I am going to wear for the day and put on my make up and do my hair, all at a very leisurely pace of course!

Once I am dressed and ready, and had a few cuddles with Nelson (my kitten) I tend to get wrapped up and have a walk into town with my flask of coffee.

I live so close to the centre of York and even though I work in the city it is nice to have a stretch of my legs, do a spot of window shopping and maybe pick up a few bits and bobs.

Some times, depending on what I have planned I might also have a bit of a pamper night which I have also written a post about here if you want to read more. Because I do work full time, I often limit myself to just a morning of leisure on one of my days off and will then usually arrange for a catch up with family or go for a day trip with the boy.
How do you like to spend your days of work? Do you prefer to get productive or treat yourself to some well deserved relaxation?

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