Me and the boy moved out into our own little terraced house in May last year, literally cannot believe how time flies!! We were given some lovely furniture from our wonderful friends and family however, now that we have fully settled in, saved up a bit of money and have got  the stress of Christmas out of the way, we decided to go to IKEA and buy a bunch of things for the house to truly make it our own. Don't get me wrong, everything that was kindly donated to us was so nice, but we just decided that it was time for us to put our own stamp onto things and furnish the house in the way that we wanted it done.
We focused mainly on the dinning room because we felt that this was the least used room and the one that needed the most improvement. I have always been brought up having our evening meals sat around a dinner table and I wanted to create that same idea in my own home. So one of the first things that we decided on buying was this wonderful piece which contained four chairs and a table for the bargain price of £90. Now don't get me wrong, I know that this isn't the highest quality wood around, however it is sturdy and has a wonderful varnish finish. It is fairly small as dinning tables go, however, for the most part it will just be for the two of us, but there is plenty of room if we have friends or family round for dinner. The dinning table we had previously was far too big and  completely took over the whole room, to now have a table, four chairs and the rest of the room to play around with it seemed to tick every box.
The next thing on our list was to buy some sort of unit to have along the wall for storage. We picked out this Kallax four by two shelf unit that was only £45. Kallax is a huge range  that comes is various sizes and colours, we opted for white as we thought it would look nice and bright in the dinning room. It is so handy for some extra storage but because it is open it doesn't close off the room or make it look any smaller. We also bought the little cloth boxes that are slotted inside for about £3 each which are great for storing hats, scarves and gloves ect.
I also bought a few other bits and bobs for around the house such as this gorgeous little teal lantern which is sat on my windowsill. I have since put some of those battery powered fairy lights inside which look really good switched on when it is starting to get dark. I also bought this cute little orchid for about £4 to put on my dressing table in my bedroom. Another little pick me up was this little plant pot container which I am sure you have seen littered around lots of beauty bloggers posts and YouTube channels. I can completely understand why though, they are so cute and sturdy, great as a make up brush holder! I am planning on doing a makeup storage post some time soon so keep your eyes peeled for these two IKEA goodies!
What do you think of my mini IKEA haul? Have you bought anything nice from IKEA lately?