I love writing monthly favourite posts because it gives you chance to look back and reflect on the previous month. I think picking out which products I have kept going back to over the month is a little bit of an insight as to what sort of a month I have had and how I have been feeling over the past four weeks.
February has been a bit of a funny month for me and a bit of a blur if I am totally honest. Lots of things seemed to have happened in a very short space of time and although a lot of it is positive, it hasn't half made me want to stand and catch my breath! As you may already know, I had seven weeks off work starting at Christmas and so I was due to return back to work in the middle of February. As I am sure you can imagine, returning was a bit of a sudden dosage of reality and my whole routine since the start of the new year was thrown up into the air. Although it has been lovely to get back to work and have a more productive structure to things, it has certainly made me appreciate the time I have had off. We have also had a huge change round of the house from painting, to hanging up pictures to buying and building lots of new furniture. It is lovely that the house is finally starting to feel like our own as it now has much more of a personal stamp pressed on to it, but it did become slightly stressful trying to get it all done whilst I was off work and so it feels like things have been a bit non stop! I feel as though my monthly favourites reflect this kind of non stop up in the air feeling as a lot of them are quick, easy to use and great little pick-me-ups when your perhaps not looking your best!
First up is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I have already written quite an in-depth review in a previous post which is here, so I won't go on too much about it. Basically, it is a wonderful full and creamy foundation which offers great coverage with the need for little or no touch ups. It has been a life-saver over this past month whilst I have been flitting around to and from various places and it has allowed me to put on my make up in the morning and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. Speaking of quick and easy with all day wear, I have really been loving my Marc Jacobs Daisy in Eau So Fresh. This is a beautiful perfume that is extremely fresh and floral with quite a powerful punch. It is so long wearing, as I find that a lot of perfumes' scent disappears after a few hours, I can still smell this beauty even after a day at work. It is so easy to wear and really spruces you up after a long day making you feel cleaner and fresher. Another product that I just have not had out of my sight for the whole of this past month is my Classic Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm. I love this stuff and apply it multiple times a day, it is a great little fixer-upper and keeps the lips so lovely and soft.
I have been applying the Seventeen Instant Glow Bronzing Powder everyday this past month. It is such a brilliant bronzer that has a lovely natural finish. I have written a full post about this little guy here if you would like to read more about it. It is a lovely product to quickly apply to freshen up my make up after a long day. Another little product that freshens up my make up is the Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels. I was saving this blusher for more summery months, however I felt as though my make up could do with a little more of a colourful pop on my cheeks. I have written a more in depth review about it here if you fancy a nosey.
I am very optimistic for March however, as I feel as though this is a month to calm things down a bit and concentrate on me rather than everything else that is going on. As the days get brighter, the weather gets better (although, it did snow quite a bit yesterday, but it seemed to be getting better before then!) I feel motivated to get back on track with some of my new years aims of eating better and exercising more. I want this month to be a bit of a health kick for me in terms of looking after my body and taking some time for myself to relax and enjoy the things I love, especially as I don't have so much free time these days. Starting this year I took a promotion at work and it can mean that some days a little more stressful than I am previously used too and so an hour to myself quietly reading a book in the bath is something I plan to make sure that I do a lot this month!
I hope that you had a lovely February, what were your Monthly Favourites? What are you most looking forward to in March?