With it being national Fragrance Day today, I thought I would share Lush's latest additions in the perfume department. They have brought out three new scents all of which are available to buy in stores nationwide, as well as online here. Each on of these scents sound quite intriguing and slightly different to the standard aromas that litter the shelves at Boots. All Good Things has a very distinctive candy floss scent, mixed with black pepper. This sounds very unusual to me but perhaps the two opposite clash together to make a wonderful concoction... It costs £10 for the solid perfume, £20 for 10ml and £40 for 30ml. Death and Decay is said to be purely floral which is perhaps more up my ally than candyfloss and black pepper, but only if it isn't too over powering. The sold perfume is £9 and it is only £30 for 30ml. Kerbside Violet sounds like a winner in my eyes because I love the smell of violets and I think this perfume would be more suited to me. It is again £9 for the solid perfume and £36 for 30ml.
I think that Lush have done really well with this collection of fragrances as there seems to be a little bit of something for everyone. I also think that each one is priced really well as it is at the competitive price of around £30-£40. Yet you also have the added bonus of knowing that all of the ingredients are from sustainable sources, it is vegetarian friendly, the products haven't been tested on animals and each one has been lovingly hand made, what more could you want!

Which is your favourite out of Lush's new perfume range? What will you be wearing this National Fragrance Day?