As you may have previously read in my IKEA Haul post that I published a few days ago, me and the boy have been having a bit of a change around in the house and bought some lovely new bits of furniture. If you fancy a nosey you have a read of what I bought here. Due to the change around, we found that we had much more space in the dinning room then we were used too and so to break up the room I thought it would be nice to introduce a little reading area. One of my new year aims was to read more and to work more on my blog and this little space has become ideal to help me work towards these goals.
The bookcase was originally placed in the living room, however the bottom half of it was hidden behind one of our sofas and there wasn't a huge amount of access to it. So we have moved it into the alcove next to the fireplace in the dinning room. I have also placed in front and to the side my lovely little arm chair which I got for University so that I wasn't just sat on my bed the whole time I was there! I have put some throws and cushions on it to make it look a little more homely and it is the perfect size to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.
I love the fact that it is right next to my window because it lets in loads of natural light which is great for reading and working in, as well as being ideal to take blog photos in. It is so nice to look out on to my little yard, which isn't the most glamorous of places, but we have got some lovey little tubs of plants out there, and it is always nice to look at the weather. It is so nice to have a little area of the house for myself, that I can just go and sit quietly in and take time out for myself.

Where do you like to go to relax and have some time for yourself?