Elizabethan York, two women, two lives and two different centuries...

As I have said many a time, one of my new year aims was to read more and so I think I should also perhaps blog more about my reading, if not to encourage me to continue with my goals for 2015 but to also shed some light on to what books I have been filling my time with. As you may already know, I am a huge lover of history, not only in terms of education as I have a History and American Studies Degree under my belt, nor because of my job working in a National Trust property, I also enjoy reading about it in my free time as well. What a geek! I honestly love nothing more than pouring over a good old historical novel or watching a period drama, I even subscribe to the BBC History magazine which I take to work and read on my break - I just can't get enough!
Anyway, on to the book review...

The Blurb

One hot day in Elizabethan York, young Nell Appleby is trapped in a wooden chest. The horror of the stifling dark - and of the man who trapped her there - haunts her for the rest of her life. Years later, wed to the sadistic Ralph Maskewe, Nell must find joy where she can. But when her childhood sweetheart returns and offers a chance of flight to the new world, Nell is faced with a dangerous decision. Will she risk all to escape the dark at last?

Four and a half centuries later, Tess and her small son Oscar move to York. Eager to start a new life away from her overbearing and manipulative husband Martin, Tess tries to put her marriage behind her. But time in York has a way of shifting, strangely, and memories of a past that is not her own begin to surface with disturbing effect. Living two lives, torn between two worlds, Tess must unlock the secrets of the past before she can free herself - and Nell - once and for all.

This book is gripping from the first page and even though it takes a while to get your head around the idea of a change in time, the process is seamless and makes for a really good read. I actually live in York, so the fact that this book is based in and around my home town makes this story all the more interesting. I also love that the author constantly draws parallels between Elizabethan and present day York, and as a huge lover of history, it certainly kept me interested. This is a great book for an easy read that keeps you wanting to find out what is going to happen. It's not the most complex of story lines but it was certainly a novel that I kept wanting to pick up and read night after night.

What books have you been reading lately? Any recommendations?