A little home decor post, all the greys and creams, a tranquil and sophisticated look...

Now I share a house and therefore a bedroom with the boy, gone are the days when I could have bright pink walls with bunting and candles everywhere. We have tried to compromise when it comes to decorating the house as we have wanted a more mature look that reflects our combined personalities. I feel that in the bedroom there is a little allowance for a more feminine touch, such as the wicker hearts with the worn/rustic look and the porcelain 'follow your dreams' dove pendent, and so it could be said that I have taken the lead on the theme of this room. I find that the greys and creams compliment a combined masculine and feminine personality which is presented in a shared bedroom. I also think that they create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere which is lovely to have in a bedroom as it promotes a more peaceful feel. 

What colour themes or must have home decor items would you have in a bedroom you share with your other half?