If you often read my blog then you will know that I am a huge lover of historical fiction. The latest book that I have read is The White Queen written by Philippa Gregory. I really enjoy a Gregory novel, I think she is a fantastic writer that really keeps the reader engaged. Most of her books are written from the point of view of woman which is a great way to discover and read about historical stories and events as this is often a view point which is often forgotten or neglected. The white Queen is written about the mother of the princes in the tower, the infamous story about what happened to the two heirs to the throne of England, their disappearance of which enabled Richard III to become king. It is part of a series of which I am currently reading and if you are looking for a gripping story of love, hate, politics, history and a little bit of make-believe then is is a book for you.  

Have you read The White Queen? What historical novels would you recommend?