As much as I love lipstick, I have always just applied the product straight onto my lips. However, I have been wanting to buy a lip brush for a while as I knew that it would provide a more precise and longer lasting finish. I opted for this lip brush by Seventeen as I didn't want to spend too much money on something if I didn't end up liking the application or the brush itself. I have to say though, for a budget beauty buy, I have been very impressed with the quality of the brush, and don't feel the need to purchase a more expensive, high-end, branded one. 

The bristles are extremely fine and really soft and great at picking up the right amount of product. I have found that for better results it is best too first apply a small amount of lip balm and then line the lips all over with the lip brush and desired lipstick, finishing with a top-coat directly from the lipstick. Due to the oval shape of the brush it makes application very easy and creates a very neat edge and even colour. The long handle also aids in a more precise application as it makes the brush a lot more sturdy in your hand. I have been really happy with this purchase as it has made my lipstick last a lot longer and look a lot neater, and to achieve this for only a couple of pounds has been an added bonus. 

Have you tried any brushes from Seventeen?