Having long hair can be a bit of a pain when it comes to brushing out tangles, but not with this teaser...

I have read so much about Tangle Teasers over the years and a number of friends have highly recommended that I purchase one but there has always been something about them that has made me feel dubious about buying one. I guess I just always looked at them and thought, surely that tiny little brush with ridiculously thin bristles will be nothing when attempting to de-tangle my long, thick locks. I have used a standard barrel brush for years, and although it can be quite tough sometimes to de-knot my hair, I guess I have always just put it down to my hair type and length.

It wasn't until I was watching one of InTheFrow's GRWM videos and I saw how easily she was able to brush her luscious locks with a Tangle Teaser. So, as a typical beauty blogger, I made up my mind that I would finally give it a go. I have to say, I have been very impressed with this brush as it very easily tackles knots both with wet and dry hair. I have also found that the condition of my hair has improved whilst I have been using it. I think it may be due to the alternative little and longer, thin, evenly spaced bristles that are able to glide in-between the hairs which seems to make my hair much more glossy, shinny and manageable.   


What do you think about the Original Tangle Teaser? Do you have any tips for looking after long hair?